lummi island wine tasting dec 25 ’20

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Bread Countdown

 The whole year has been strange and stressful. Now here we are at Christmas Eve, just home from a “drop by” outdoor gathering on Mike and Diane’s back deck down the street. Lots of munchies, a bit of wine, beautiful view…and…brrrr…cold!

Pat made some simple and delicious piroshkis (left) that were hot when we left home with them, but the heat didn’t last long. Still, they were very satisfying with a little soy sauce and mulled wine! Diane made lots of lots of delicious goodies, and several other neighbors dropped by. Social distancing protocols were followed and it was reminiscent of pre-Covid days…except of course that we were Outside and it was Cold (temp in mid-thirties). It will be lovely when we  can be social animals again.

Bread will  return in two weeks, on Friday, February 8. Look for your pre-order email on Jan 3. In the meantime, we will continue to accept wine orders as requested.


Annual New Year’s Party canceled

This will be the first New Year’s Eve since 2005 that we will not be holding our annual New Year’s Eve celebration. Since this blog didn’t start until 2009, the first blog entry about the party was the Fifth Episode of our Annual “East Coast New Year’s Eve” celebrations. Losing a tradition brings a little sadness, so to help us all through it we will post a few photos of past parties over the next few weeks.












Standing By For Wine Emergencies

We will be staying close to home through the holidays. So please be assured that we will continue to be here for your wine needs. As you all know this may be the Only kind of Emergency that CANNOT  be resolved with duct tape!  So if a wine emergency should strike YOUR wine pantry, just click on the Order Wine link in the header above to browse our list of currently available wines with tasting notes and prices. When you have made your selections you can phone us with your order or email us using the Contact Us link above. We will confirm your order and make arrangements for pickup/delivery at your convenience.


Mar a Lago Update: Running on Empty

As we approach the end of 2020 and the end of the Tweetster regime, it is a good time to reflect, metaphorically at least, on the many obvious overlaps between the Tweetster and, of course…Chicken Little. After all, let’s admit it, over the past five years we have all been thinking about it but too shy to talk about it. Am I right? You know I’m right. So let’s just bring it out into the open while (giggle) there’s still time.

The story of Chicken Little, in various forms (my childhood reader named her Henny Penny), dates back some 2500 years. In the earliest version, a hare is hit on the head by a falling fruit, and rouses other animals into a panic. A lion, seeing the turmoil, investigates the cause of the panic and restores calm, teaching the importance of calm deductive reasoning. 

Though there are countless variations on the theme of the fable, they really boil down to two. They both begin with a less than brilliant chicken who experiences a blow on the head by something falling, probably from a tree, like an acorn, but for whatever reason, decides that “the Sky is falling!” and rushes about trying to warn people of the coming catastrophe.

It appears that for some many centuries, most of the variants of the story one way or another led the predator Foxy Loxy to deceive Chicken Little and his panicky followers, leading them to his den where they are all killed and eaten by “Foxy and Friends.” The moral of this version is “Don’t believe everything you hear.” It was used in Nazi propaganda to help stop rumors.

In the other major variant, Chicken Little earns the respect of the Emperor with her concerns and saves the day, with the moral “have courage and stick to your convictions.”

And here we are today, with pretty much everyone actually believing the sky IS falling, and convinced The Other Guys are making it happen. Meanwhile, Foxy Loxy and Friends are very busy convincing both sides they are right…while also keeping them afraid they are wrong. It is a cynical but very effective strategy.


Wine Tasting

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