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Wine Tasting November 28

Hope you all had a hearty and festive Thanksgiving. Here we are, tummies full and spent, late on Turkey night, not much more to say beyond that for the moment. Just want to invite you to drop by on Saturday for a post-feast wind-down. While other places pick up for the Holidays, our experience on […]

Wine Tasting
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Pre-Thanksgiving Wine Tasting Nov 21

MAKE US YOUR FAVORITE! KING-5 TV has a listing of wine shops on its web site; click on this link , then click on “Write a recommendation” and give us YOUR vote for “best wine shop in Washington!”  (thanks!!!) Winter Studio tour is always hard to predict, mainly due to weather,so it was a good […]

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Wine Tasting Studio Tour November 14-15

It all started with: “It was a dark and stormy night…” and went downhill from there… …It was raining on the Island, not a Hard Rain exactly, more like a Heavy Rain, but not heavy in the sense of tropical downpour, though sometimes it was, but more Heavy in the sense of Omigod, it’s the […]

Wine Tasting
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Wine Tasting November 7

Strange day in some undefinable way. First, it was Halloween, and we decided to wear “costumes.” Pat had a really great Witch Hat and pasty witch makeup and looked, well, kinda creepy. At the last minute I found my old martial arts outfit and put that on…it’s been enough years that now it is definitely […]

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