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Halloween Wine Tasting October 31

halloween greeting (click)   NOTE: Pat is making Special Halloween Truffles; wear a costume to the tasting and get a Free Truffle Treat!         Last weekend: It’s been a long time since we had a day like this. Gorgeous  day, the sort I was tempted to call “Indian Summer” but was informed it had to […]

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Wine Tasting October 26

(receive by email? Click title for complete post) Well, the day started with a very soft “bang” as a first-time couple from Seattle arrived early in the afternoon for tasting. It was a pleasant reminder of the quieter days before last May, when there were rarely more than three or four visitors, and it was quiet […]

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Wine Tasting October 17

(no pictures? click on link above to view entire post ) Last week we spent on the road with the dogs in Eastern Washington. Visited a few interesting wineries whose wines we will be ordering and featuring soon–more on that later. We got back on the midnight boat on Friday, imagining a quiet day in […]

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Weekly wine tasting October 10

The gloomy and cold weather the past week came as a bit of a shock after a really lovely September. Around here, of course, once the Fall Gloom makes an appearance, you never quite know if it will be hours, days, or perhaps months till you see the sun again. So sometime Friday the sky […]

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