logo color nov2011 The vintner’s art is ancient and subtle. Every wine bears the footprint of its native soil and climate and the fingerprints of its maker.

Even in today’s world of technological advances in winemaking, and the concentration of wine production into the hands of giant global corporations, there continue to be thousands of artisan winemakers around the world,  meticulously shepherding small quantities of hand-made wines from the vineyard to the table.

Each artisan wine tells a story of a specific vineyard, in a particular year, crafted by a particular winemaker with a particular vision, and these stories enhance our enjoyment of their wines.

Our mission is to introduce you to exceptional artisan wines at affordable prices. Since 2005 our weekly tastings have fostered a warm community of friends who enjoy good wine, good conversation, and a mutual sense of belonging.

We are located at 2072 Granger Way, Lummi Island, Washington (though your GPS might want to call it Hilltop Rd…). We are now open post-Covid, and offer a a 3-wine tasting flight ($5) each Friday and Saturday from 4-6.  NOTE: We will be closed the first three weekends of May, reopening May 27-28.

It is also our policy to open anytime you are having one of those pesky “wine emergencies” if we are available (360.758.2959).


Rich Frye/Pat Hayes