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Wine Tasting Feb 27 ’10

I gotta start writing this closer to the weekend past…here I have these great photos of new visitors and draw a blank on names. Actually that was the hallmark of the day, not that I couldn’t remember names, nothing new about that (but I never forget a face or where I saw it)– we would […]

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Wine Tasting Feb 20 ’10

Let’s start with this timely News Flash about the health benefits of wine and chocolate. NOT ONLY help your heart, but also fight FAT! (I’m not making this up!):  clicky I mean, AS IF we needed any other reason to get together on Saturday afternoons…it’s not wine and chocolate, it’s Health Food! Then let’s reminisce a bit […]

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Wine Tasting Feb 13 ’10

By my standards, which are of course very high, last week’ s tasting was superb; all the wines showed very well, and there was nothing I wouldn’t be pleased to serve or share with friends. I am particularly enamored of the Atalaya, from a region of Spain I have never heard of, this producer’s first […]

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Wine Tasting February 6, ’10

Last week’s pinot grigio and pinot noir were really showing well, the hits of the day. I had ordered the pg because the label I had gotten before was out, and now I definitely like this one better. Also, the Panther Creek pinot noir sold out. so we are out there looking for more. It’s […]

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