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Lummi Island Wine Tasting July 30 ’11

First, a relatively serious note, regarding the national budget nonsense. Being burdened as I am with being a recovering Economist, all of this daily drivel about “extending the debt limit” is just too much to bear. All you need to know is that BOTH so-called “sides” in this so-called “debate” are way, way, way far […]

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Lummi Island Wine Tasting July 23, ’11

Sometimes a lot happens from one week to the next, and this has been one of those weeks: lots of new and interesting experiences, several prompted by visiting friends. So where do you  take friends from Afar? To answer this question we have to imagine what it’s like to be a visitor in our own […]

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Wine Tasting July 16 ’11 Summer Vacation Mind

In some unconscious way I guess I had vaguely imagined that “retirement” would be pretty much like summer vacation from, oh, something like sixth or seventh grade, when the just-over-two-months between mid-June and early September stretched our Endlessly in front of us. Sure, we knew that September would come around, and Back to School, and […]

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Lummi Island Wine Tasting July 9, ’11

For a number of reasons, Fourth of July on Lummi Island is something of a Big Deal…whether you want it to be or not. This has a lot to do with the fact that the ferry to the Island leaves the mainland from Gooseberry Point, which is part of Lummi Nation, our neighboring Indian tribe, […]

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