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Lummi Island Wine Tasting January 28 ’12

2012    2012     2012 Okay, we’re BACK! We count ourselves fortunate to have hit the road heading south before the weather turned, well, ugly around here. We spent a few days with friends on the Oregon Coast at Yachats (“yah- hats”), where we enjoyed sunny days, walks along the water, and endless pounding surf…not to mention […]

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Wine Tasting January 21 ’12…? Unlikely!

Pat I have been on the road for a couple of weeks…a few days on the Oregon Coast –beautiful, sunny, temps in the fifties, lovely. Then several days in Calistoga, freezing at night, sunny and fifties in the daytime, some wine tasting, mostly laid back family time. At the moment we are ensconced in a […]

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Best New Year’s Eve ever…!

NEW YEAR’S     NEW YEAR’S     NEW YEAR’S Well, it’s official!  The Sixth Annual East Coast New Year’s Eve Gala was the BEST EVER! But don’t take my word for it– see the photos for yourself (links below)! A rough count suggested we had 60 people in our little space at one point, but that doesn’t seem […]

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