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Wine Tasting October 1 ’10

The first thing is that I wasn’t supposed to be here last weekend. The plan was that my old friend and boat  (it’s moored south of the ferry landing along with a bunch of others) co-owner Bob were going to sail out to Sucia last Friday for the weekend, because his son was getting married […]

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Wine Tasting Sept 25 ’10

It was a Quiet Day at the wine shop. Clouds and rain had cleared about lunchtime, treating us to a surprisingly warm and sunny afternoon. “Quiet” means that many regulars were off to places like Russia and France and LA, so that left it for new and occasional visitors to fill in. Kristin and Ron […]

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Wine Tasting Sept 18 ’10

Don’t forget to vote for us as Best Wine Shop in the Northwest on King5 web site! Vote early, vote often! Tweet it! Facebook it! Here’s the link! The big local news for the day is that Sean’s Mom bought a place on the Island, and Saturday was the first night in the new place. So […]

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Churches of a thousand years

Nothing could be more obvious in Italy than the pervasive influence of the Church for over a thousand years. Religion being what it is, basically a political, power-driven institution under a veneer of spiritualism, it is easy to imagine how powerful an influence it was in medieval life. In the name of religion, it was […]

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