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Wine Tasting October 30 ’10

In case you haven’t been in lately, we have replenished our stock of Pleasant Valley cheeses and Theo’s chocolate bars, and have a nice selection of both. Also,  Pat and Janice have a new batch of Truffles this weekend (a steal at $1 each!), and will be taking orders for Thanksgiving! Truffle flavors: Pumpkin Spice […]

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Wine Tasting October 23 ’10

I was told by a reliable source last weekend that I shouldn’t talk about politics on the wine blog. Probably good advice, but sometimes we all need a good rant, which I managed to resist for the most part, but man, it’s tough to hold back as we suffer through what has to be the […]

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Wine Tasting October 16 ’10

The other evening saw something glowing across the street; turned out to be a spider web reflecting the sunset…see it?? Let’s begin with last weekend’s tasting. Despite the fact that gruner veltliner is not well-known to many wine drinkers, it always shows well and surprises people; the Kurt Angerer is a particularly good one, and didn’t […]

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Wine Tasting October 9 ’10

It is interesting how some dates just stick in your mind, and then you write it out, not thinking at all about its store of meanings until there it is in front of you, and reading it, the connections get made. All you need to know is that Pat and I were once married to […]

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