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Wine Tasting July 31 ’10

Here it is Thursday night at 9, and we are just back from the Grange, where we poured wine we had donated for the FOIL (Friends of the Island Library) fundraising event.  It was Fun! We supplied wine–everyone got a glass of either the Venta Morales Tempr-r-r-rranillo for the red and the Peirano Estates Viognier for […]

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Wine Tasting July 24 ’10

If my mother were still alive, this would have been her 95th birthday; her last birthday was her 85th back in 2000, and we had a nice family gathering for the occasion. Leo on the cusp of Cancer, complicated stuff. At her wake (100% Irish roots) we opted to replace the ponderous organ sounds with […]

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Great Island Chili Cookoff Wine Tasting and Special Schedule July 17 ’10

ANNOUNCEMENT! ANNOUNCEMENT! ANNOUNCEMENT! Hear ye hear ye! BECAUSE we are entering our World Famous “Screaming Seagull” cult chili (First Annual Tasting) at the Heritage Trust Chili Cookoff from 12-3, the Saturday wine tasting will be from 3-6pm, after the chili cookoff! the First Thing you need to know is that the wine shop will NOT […]

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Built to last

Everywhere in Tuscany are stone walls, cities, buildings, and bridges, endlessly repaired and reconstructed, showing layers of styles and materials, yet all displaying a continuing dedication to fine masonry skills. This is somehow coupled with the aesthetic (and economic) sensibility and the political will to preserve this style of architecture as a central element of the […]

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