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Wine Tasting January 30, ’10

It was a quiet day in the wine shop, only about five guests till around 4:30. Then there seems to be some kind of Happy Hour Wine Tasting evolving, as suddenly cars pull up and within the space of a few minutes a small herd of stalwart aficionados thunder up the stairs. As if on some kind of Secret Signal, […]

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Wine Tasting January 23, ’10—we’re BACK!

Well, it was nice to have a couple of Saturdays to play hooky from the wine shop, but we missed you all TERRIBLY, and are looking forward to the Grand Reopening this weekend. Well, okay, not “grand,” exactly, but hopefully a festive kickoff for Ought-ten. Which leads to the obvious issue; there are people out there who […]

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Wine Tasting 1/2/10 and January announcements

In case anyone is online today (New Year’s Day) we WILL BE OPEN JANUARY 2 for our regular Saturday tasting, usual hours from 1-5. Then note WE WILL BE CLOSED TILL JANUARY 23 to take inventory, clean up the shop, maybe rearrange the furniture, who knows? Or maybe will take a weekend off and go […]

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