Weekly wine tasting October 10

The gloomy and cold weather the past week came as a bit of a shock after a really lovely September. Around here, of course, once the Fall Gloom makes an appearance, you never quite know if it will be hours, days, or perhaps months till you see the sun again. So sometime Friday the sky cleared, the the weekend has been sunny and beautiful, a bit breezy, with cool air and warm sun. Leaves are dry and rattle on the trees, a few falling here and there, and fields and meadows have a swishy whoosh as dry stalks dance in patterns like flocks of birds, first this way, then that.

The past Saturday could be called “the Day of Three Elizabeths,” all visiting for the first time, and somewhat improbable given the quiet start to the day. And no, they did not all come in together. This is fodder for all you conspiracy theorists out there…What Could It Mean?!!

OR, based on the photos that actually came out, it might be called, “Gee, that Brian is Cute Day”…(you be the judge!)

brian 2 the kiss

The wines were all showing very well, if just a bit cold. Finally wound up sitting the reds in warm water for a bit to bring them up to a comfortable temperature. I don’t even like white wines (except sparklers) ice cold, and most wines including whites generally have more aroma and bigger flavor as they approach 68-70 degrees. Of course, a lot of wines do better cold because it really is better NOT to taste some of the details! But I can’t imagine that ever happening here,  because we just don’t carry wines like that!

Iif you follow ratings, that means we try to keep as much of our inventory as possible over 90 points, the cutoff between “very good” and “outstanding” on the 100 pt scales used by Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast (Parker). Our “bargain rack” permits some exceptions, maybe down to 88 or 89…just so you know all our selections are carefully made…”many are tasted; few are chosen!”

Wines for the coming weekend:

Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino 2006 (Italy-Sardinia)–Supple aromas of citrus, pineapple, tropical fruits and honey are wonderfully supported by a zesty acidity. Delicate and pleasantly refreshing on the palate…(I love this wine!) $14

Marchetti Montepulciano  ’06 (Italy) : Laced with intriguing smoky cranberry spiciness over vividly flavored dark cherry and plum fruit. A joy to drink.…$10

OS Winery Red ’06 (Washington): aroma of black cherries and clove with hints of roses. Rich, concentrated and balanced with soft, supple tannins; flavors of cassis, dark chocolate and ripe blackberry are generous but still subtle. This is a graceful wine from its plush, mouth-filling start to its deliciously lingering finish. $16.

Alexandria Nicole Quarry Butte Red ’04 (Washington): Velvety, focused, and impeccably balanced, a nicely crafted mouthful of plum, prune, and mocha flavors that linger effortlessly on the seamless finish. $22


Wine Tasting

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