Wine Tasting Feb 27 ’10

I gotta start writing this closer to the weekend past…here I have these great photos of new visitors and draw a blank on names. Actually that was the hallmark of the day, not that I couldn’t remember names, nothing new about that (but I never forget a face or where I saw it)– we would hear steps on the stairs and about half the time last weekend faces would emerge we had never seen before. Here are Okayse (oh-kay-see…is that a gorgeous name and smile or what?)… and Ben, from Seattle, staying at the Willows.

Then we had these three Western students, and here I am blanking on names, they will just have to read this and post their names so I can update!) but I can tell you from left to right majors in somatic psych (one of my old fields), math, and, hmm, lemme see…biochem, I think. Also, another novelty for us is whenever we have to card anyone, and we did, and yes they were all 21, he most recent only last month. So young and yet so wise to find their way to Lummi Island’s premier (and only) wine tasting.

Mark is back from Argentina, and somehow also made it to Uruguay and, somehow, for a couple of days in Chile as well. We Google-mapped a satellite view of their rental on the beach in Uruguay, where I understand that fine wine actually comes out of home faucets and costs practically nothing, so Mark is talking about buying a house there and inviting us all down. I also understand that the only thing to eat in Argentina is Meat, great giant slabs of it, so you better be a carnivore. Or maybe I got a few details wrong on that, but I think I got the gist…they had a great time and want to go back to Uruguay.

This week’s wines:
Ninet de Pena Viognier ’07 France $8
Straw in color. On the nose, youthful, medium intensity, slate, lilac, dandelion, honeysuckle, frisee, endive, not oaky, with lots of earthy elements. On the palate, off-dry notes of nectarine, peach, & intense floral element.

Castelnoble Tinto Roble “06 Spain $8 WA 88pts
100% Tempranillo with an enticing bouquet of raspberry, blackcurrant, and spice box. Elegant on the palate, it has tons of flavor and an easy-going finish with no hard edges.

Mt. Baker Sangiovese 05 Washington $15
Rich aromas and flavors of ripe plum, truffle, and moist earth.

Donedai Cabernet Sauvignon ’04 Washington $32
Carolyn Lakewold makes tiny amounts of this very rich and lush Cabernet blend, starting with an intense scent of black cherry, cassis, and violets. Flavors are of black raspberry, black cherry, plum, and jammy cassis fruit, with hints of toasted espresso bean, toasted cocoa bean, and hints of violets.

Wine Tasting

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