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lummi island wine tasting may 23-24 ’24

Drydock Hours May 17-18  ’24 We seem to have successfully made it through the first week of drydock and passenger-only ferry. Had to make three trips to town this week. We have a car on the mainland side in the limited luck-of- the-draw roadside parking available…every day it’s parking roulette. We were lucky to get […]

Wine Tasting

lummi island wine tasting may 17-18 ’24

Drydock Hours May 17-18  ’24 Mainlanders should take particular note that car ferry service will not be available from May 17- June 15 for Annual Drydock overhaul. There will be a passenger-only ferry, and parking on the mainland in designated areas (expect a bit of a walk to the dock). We will remain OPEN for […]

Wine Tasting

Lummi island wine tasting May 3 ‘24

Hours May 3-4  ’24 OPEN for wine tasting and sales: Friday  4-6 pm     Saturday 3-5 pm                 if photo does not appear here, click on page title to see post online… Oops! Usually we post the weekly blog on Thursday nights. However, this week we were in […]

Wine Tasting