Lummi Island Wine Tasting April 13 ’13

On the Road

DSCN0041We picked up our new trailer in Denver last Friday, and spent our first night at Lake Pueblo State Park in southeast Colorado. We discovered that yes, the car is underpowered for the job, in the sense that we go very slowly up hills and the mileage dropped from about 22 mpg on the trip to Denver, and more like 15-16 with the trailer. It does seem to do better with a little more octane in the fuel. Here in the mountain states they call 85 octane “regular,” and 87 “plus,” or as we know it, “regular.” Sometimes this “plus” has 88 octane, and the car seems to like that pretty well.



Santa Fe


We stopped in Santa Fe for a few days visiting Toby and Barbara, who also have a place here on Lummi. They have a spread southwest of town which they have turned into a private jewel. We visited a couple of museums in Santa Fe, and this little creation caught my eye– a bejeweled model of an old VW bus towing an old trailer…Cute, huh??? Remind you of anything…???



The Road to Phoenix

DSCN0050Somewhere around Gallup, NM we found this viewpoint, which is quite spectacular in person. Looking at the photo here the landscape is just too big to capture. This view is looking east back toward Albuquerque. Click on any of the photos to see a larger version! Big Sky, huh??

Currently we are in Phoenix visiting family, heading west tomorrow to rendezvous with Leigh and Brian this weekend in California.




This week’s tasting

Although we are on the road, Ryan will open the wine shop as usual on Friday (4-7) and Saturday (2-6). I have no idea what he will be pouring, but as always it will be good! So stop by and keep him from getting lonely!

Wine Tasting

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