lummi island wine tasting feb 11 ’22

Wine Shop Schedule Update

Based on current Covid data for Whatcom County,  no wine tasting again this weekend.

Whatcom County continues to be a Covid hot spot. On the bright side, new cases across the County have fallen off by almost  70% during the past week, and case numbers are lowest for residents over 65, and next lowest for those between 45 and 64…you know…our base! Interestingly,  vaccination rates are highest in the 25-49 age group (92%), next in the 65+ group (85%), closely followed by the 50-64 group (78%).

The bad news is that because the Omicron variant is by far most contagious variant so far, it has spread virtually unimpeded across the country, the fastest by far, finding ready hosts in the unvaccinated. Compared to the first wave two years ago, the Omicron wave has raced across the world in the space of only a few months. New cases are falling rapidly, and deaths are expected to follow them with about a two-week lag. If those trends continue, risks are expected to fall rapidly over the next several weeks as herd immunity grows from new vaccinations and from acquired immunity from having had the disease.

We are beginning the process of restocking our shelves, and will be updating our online order/pickup selections over the next week, and hope to be open for sales soon.


Friday Bread This Week

For the time being Bread Pickup will continue to be at Island Bakery. If you are on the bread email list, you will have received order and pickup info from Janice. Pickup is in her driveway out on West Shore Rd, with a fire pit to keep the Usual Suspects comfy.

Current expectations are that bread pickup will likely return to the wine shop when we reopen.







Mailing List Issues

Well, this week we will try posting this brief missive via a new app suggested by a “trusted source” who is responsible for getting this blog started in the first place back in ’09.  At the moment we have no idea how or whether it works. If it does, great! If it doesn’t we will follow up with an email tomorrow (Friday).

Fingers crossed!












Wine Tasting

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