Lummi Island Wine Tasting January 26 ’13

Wine Club Progress
orcas from LI 1/24/13We have Good News and Bad News about the Wine Club. The good news is that we think the software is set up adequately to kick this thing off and let you sign up. The bad news is that we haven’t figured out how to make your page look nice, but what the heck, we can keep working on that. For now we are already planning wine club events and the first samples of Ryan’s new import wines have arrived (see below), so we feel some pressure to, um, pull the cork on the new Artisan Wine Club! YAY!


How To Join the Artisan Wine Club
dscn0007 (Modified)1. Click on the “WINE CLUB!” link at the top of the page.
2. Read the terms of membership.
3. Fill in your name and email address and click the “Sign Up” button.
4. A web page will be created automatically where you can update information about your wine preferences, which we will use in our wine purchase decisions.
5. You will receive an email with a link to your wine club page. You should save the link so you can access the page in the future. (Should you lose the link, no worry, you can sign up again using the same name and email and you will be sent an email with the same code.)
6. Use the link whenever you like to go back to your page and answer the various questions about your wine preferences.


First Wine Samples Arrive from France!
dscn0006 (Modified)As many of you already know, particularly those of you who went on Ryan’s wine tour in the Languedoc last spring, he has been developing a way to bring some of those wines here, I mean Right Here to Our Shop. This turns out to involve a cast of thousands scattered from France to Rhode Island (Hey, I went to grad school there!) to Washington to Lummi Island. Since the details are even harder to explain than to comprehend, we will spare you the burden. The important take-away here is that it is nearly time for the first Artisan Wine Club Import Tasting…for Members Only, of course!

That is to say, in the next month or so we hope to kick off our Wine Club with our first, members-only, free wine tasting event, where you can taste and pre-order more than a dozen different wines that are EXCLUSIVE to our members! How about THAT? Stay tuned for details!

You will notice below TWO wine lists for this weekend’s tastings. The first tasting will include some of these French samples. However we only have ONE BOTTLE of each of the four wines. Most likely, that means they won’t last till Saturday, when we will probably pour different wines, also listed below. Those of you who went on the Languedoc tour last spring will recognize some of the wines, and here is your chance to taste them again! Those of you who did NOT go on the tour, this is your first chance to taste them! Either way, our recommendation is to come by tonight (1/25) if you can!


Love the New Camera!
Okay, it’s true, the photos on the page today may not have much to do with the paragraph they accompany. But this is really the first outing of our new camera after the old one bit the dust a few months ago after over a decade of faithful service. Regardless of what you might think about the compositions of the photos, try clicking on them to open the larger versions. Pretty amazing!


This Week’s Tasting #1 (previews of France!)

Chateau de Rayssac Cabardes 2009
Complexe et élégant; La bouche suave et veloutée aux arômes de fruits noirs profonds enchantera les amateurs de vins fins. Ses
tannins mûrs et fondus lui permettent d’être dégusté dès à présent ou conservé dans votre cave. Sur la table, il s’accordera
parfaitement avec le gibier et les viandes rouges, les fromages forts, les plats à base de truffe ou de champignons.

Chateau de Rayssac “Côté Ouest 2010
L’influence des vents atlantiques ainsi que sa dominance l’ont probablement façonné comme le vin le plus accessible de notre gamme. Clair et rond avec une bouche souple, il serait en parfaite adéquation avec du poulet, de la cuisine italienne… et des amis !

Chateau de Rayssac “Essential” 2009
La couleur rubis, ses arômes de mûres et ses tannins fermes sont incorporés dans un vin corsé et souple. L’attaque est franche et conduit à une finition onctueuse, grâce à un mélange équilibré de fruits et d’épices.

Domaine Gavoty Melopée Rosé 2011 ( I love this wine…and the description, too!)
Our most fragile child is the one we care for most dearly; it is provocative by nature, revealing flavours that none of our other wines could hope to equal. It sublimates the garlic in a “Pesto” sauce, and exasperates our taste buds, raising the spices and sweet-and-sour flavours of a lamb curry to new heights. It cultivates contrast through its freshness, elegance and structure.

This Week’s Tasting #2 (when the #1’s are empty!)

Peirano Viognier ’10    California    $12
Peaches, pineapple, and tropical fruit are complemented by the scent of lemons and ginger, and balanced by flavors of apples, pears and orange marmalade.

Pugliano Treggiaia 09    Italy     $10
A smooth and satisfying blend of sangiovese, canniolo & cab, serious but friendly, delightful with anything from pizza to lamb chops.

Peirano Cabernet Sauvignon ’09   California    $12
Aromas are a compendium of blackberry, black raspberry, and currant, with elements of toasty oak, chocolate, dark roasted coffee bean, sage, and spices. A sip fills the mouth with blackberry pie, black cherries, sweet oak and white pepper.

Idilico Garnacha ’10    Washington    $18
From two highly regarded Washington vineyards (Upland and Elerding); fermented in small lots and barrel aged in neutral French oak; bottled unfined and unfiltered; exhibits aromas of tart cherry, strawberry jam, moist rock and citrus; full bodied with luscious mouthfeel and a lingering finish. Only 240 cases produced.

Wine Tasting

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