lummi island wine tasting july 28 ’17

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Bread this week

Whole wheat – made with prefermented dough; the final dough is made with about half fresh milled whole wheat and a little honey for sweetness. A great all around bread – $5/loaf

Flax seed currant Ciabatta – Made with a poolish that ferments some of the flour and water overnight before being mixed with the final ingredients which includes a nice mix of bread flour and fresh milled whole wheat and rye flours. Loaded with flax seeds and dried currants for a delicious bread. A really flavorful artisan loaf – $5/piece

And for pastry this week…

Tartine Bakery style Morning Buns – Delicious laminated croissant dough is rolled out and spread with a butter and brown sugar filling before being rolled up and sliced and baked in muffin tins. Absolutely fabulous!! Be sure and get your order in early as quantities are limited – 2/$5


A Little Slice of Heaven

New Moon happened early this past week, on Sunday-Monday. By Tuesday there was enough of an evening twilight crescent for some to be able to see, but it was very close the Sun and therefore very low on the horizon just after sunset. Hard to see.

By Wednesday moonset had moved to about an hour and a half after sunset, so there was a healthy crescent visible in the evening twilight. All of this is part of our ongoing series inviting attention and awareness to the the constant progression of the lunar cycle and the Earthly ocean tides that follow it.

Those of you who have been reading these notes the past several weeks will now know intuitively that if you see this view of the Moon to the West just after sunset, the Tide at your viewpoint will be just reaching its High for the day!



Frappato is a red grape varietal found primarily in Sicily. It generally produces lighter-bodied Italian red wines, often with notable freshness and liveliness. It is most commonly seen as a blending component with other Sicilian varietals, particularly nero d’avola. Genetic research suggests that Frappato is a close relative of sangiovese, the dominant red grape of Italy, and several other Italian red wine varietals, suggesting the likelihood that frappato is a genetic cross of Sangiovese and some lighter Italian varietal from the past, making it a lighter, more nuanced wine.

Frappato typically shows a certain verve, grace and energy, with a tension between sweet and bitter fruit flavors, and, coming from a Hot Place, is often drunk with a slight chill. This weekend we are pouring the last of our current stash of Tenuta di Favola Fravolato, which is 100% frappato. It’s not a grape one encounters often, but like every varietal, it has its own particular charms. Come by and check it out!


Mar a Lago Update: Karmic Lags

Okay, okay, okay. We have put this off as long as we possibly could, as any good scientist would. I mean, you collect your data, you analyze it, you see what it wants to say, and you think: Noooo, I don’t think so, must be “anomalous.” So you reboot and try the experiment again.

At some point you have to admit that you were expecting a certain kind of result. You had looked at some data. You had some working theories. So you designed experiments to test those theories. And Science being what it is, and Theories being what they are, what you are really looking for is Confirmation of your hypothesis. But when your Hypothesis is Way Out There, you really don’t expect a confirmation.

Yet here we are, six months into WTFTI (‘whatever this is’), and the Data all point in One Consistent and Deeply Disturbing Direction. Not that we haven’t suspected it. Not that we haven’t had Troubled Dreams about it. But did we Really Believe It,  not just Ironically, but Actually and Really, that Republicans Really Are a Completely Different Species? OMD, Where did they Come From? Why are They Here? Why don’t their Little Fingers point in Strange Directions so we could Recognize them for the Aliens they Really Are?

One working Hypothesis to explain all this is that there is a 49-year Lag in the Reincarnation Machine. All that stuff in the Tibetan Book of the Dead about 49 “Days” in the Bardo may not be “days” as we know them on This Plane, but rather more like, say, Years! So when you think of it like that, you are obviously led to the unavoidable Hypothesis that since about 1990 the World has been Flooded with Reincarnated Fascists, Nazis, Stalinists, and every Ilk of early 20th Century Karmic Sociopath, all governed by Their Single Cosmic Imperative: to Increase the Suffering of Humans and Other Living Beings as much as is Inhumanly Possible for As Long as Possible.

Or, as most of our Old Granddads might have said: “WTF is Wrong With These People?”


This week’s wine tasting

Gilbert Cellars The Grower White ’13  Washington   ’13
70% Chardonnay, 30% Riesling; an unusual blend of Washington’s two premier white grapes, which complement each other perfectly showing off the best qualities of both grapes.

Domaine le Galantin Bandol Rose ’16      $18
Light brilliant orange. Mineral-tinged red berry, blood orange and fennel scents, along with a hint of honeysuckle. Dry and nervy on the palate, with bitter cherry and orange pith flavors finishing on a suave floral note.

Tenuta la Favola Fravolato ’14   Italy  $16
Fruity, with notes of strawberries and cherries; fresh, round, elegant and pleasant fruit extraction, with a strong aftertaste of cherries and plums. An elegant and charming wine!

Goose Ridge G3 Cabernet ’15   Washington   $14
Rich, deep aromatic expression of plum and dark cherry intertwined with toasty notes of vanilla and savory spices. The dark fruit flavors continue to resonate on the palate over a supple tannic structure leading to a long, soft finish.

Château Fonbadet Pauillac Bordeaux ’12 France $25
Good dense colour, good freshness of Cabernet fruit and good fresh flavours and length, on the lean side but an elegant Pauillac.

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