lummi island wine tasting march 18, ’16

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Sunday Concert Series March 20!

This Sunday, March 20, from 5-7 pm we are hosting a concert with singer-songwriter Robert Sarazin Blake, a modern-day troubadour who travels widely (especially the Pacific NW and Ireland) to share his craft, very often in pub atmospheres like our dear wine shop. Robert has visited the shop several times in the last two years, and we have grown fond of his easy style.

Suggested performance donation is $15 per person, and a selection of wines will be available at $5/ glass. And since space is very limited, reservations are required…call or email if you would like to attend.

Learn more about Robert’s music here.



Reminder: NO Bread This Week! 

no bread today

As many of you know, our baker is also a HUGE basketball fan, and is, we believe, off somewhere enjoying early “March Madness.” Tighten yer belts a bit, me friends, as bread will return next week as usual!





Trump Plan Details Revealed

grate_againC’mon, admit it, it’s just Common Sense, right? Am I right? Is this Fabulous or What? Don’t you Love this Idea? I Love this Idea. It’s that easy, folks, it’s That Easy. Am I right? Yeah, I’m right, of course I’m right.







You would think from all the mewin’ and whisker-lickin’ sophistry goin’ on in the Republican Senate, that it would be, my goodness, a Precedent of Monumental Proportions for a Lame Duck so-called “President” even to Dare to submit a Supreme Court appointment for consideration when he has barely a year left in office. Why for Heaven’s sake, it would save us all a Lot of Trouble if he would jus’ step aside now and let us put in one of ours as a Real President. And then, of course, we could all move forward with the process of Governing this Great Nation.

So it is a bit Breathtaking to learn that the last time this happened was in the Last Year of the Last Term of the Great Reagan, when he nominated Anthony Kennedy to fill the vacancy left by the retirement of Justice Lewis Powell. As Reagan put it, the Senate should “join together in a bipartisan effort to fulfill our constitutional obligation of restoring the United States Supreme Court to full strength.” He also asked the Democratic Senate for “prompt hearings conducted in the spirit of cooperation and bipartisanship.”

Which is exactly what he got. And it worked out pretty well for the Dems, all things considered. But that’s not the point.

Let’s Go Out on a Big Limb, here, folks: could it be that All of Us — Right, Left, and Center — have had our Fill of this kind of Hardline Hypocrisy? Could it be that, like political Lemmings en masse, we are poised to join the Real Silent Majority who stopped voting Decades Ago?  Here we find ourselves, both Right and Left, perhaps one last time waving the Flags  of our Quixotic Rebels Don QuiBernie and Don QuiDonald  against All Odds, and it feels good to Take a Stand, and yet there is this Deep Fear that it’s just like when your giant grocery bag rips open in the pouring rain in the parking lot, and everything you have is rolling in all directions, and people are staring at you and tooting at you, and you So want to be Somewhere Else, but first you have to pick up every tomato, every can of dog food, every broken egg, and it all seems so Unfair and it really Isn’t Supposed to Be Like This…!

At times like this don’t you find yourself wondering: hmmm…say, honey, shouldn’t we start stocking up on wine…?

This week’s wine tasting

For a Song Chardonnay ’13. Washington $10
Apple blossom and citrus aromas; broad, flavorful palate of quince, lemon custard, lime, and honey-tinged mineral notes; bracing acidity.

La Croix Belle Caringole Rosé ’14 France $11
Syrah-Grenache blend; intense nose of rose petals and pear-drop candies; palate of alpine strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries, with a citrus accent on the crisp finish.

Cepas de Zorro ’12    Spain   $10
100% Monastrell from chalk and clay soils; a powerfully authentic wine with aromas of plum preserves, Partagás cigar ash, soy, and sage blossom; a fantastic match for Manchego cheese, Marcona Almonds, and olives.

Montfaucon Cotes du Rhone ’13 France $13
50% Grenache co-fermented on skins with syrah, cinsault, carignan from 40 yr old vines; matured in concrete tanks. Good ripeness and lots of minerality along with fleshy plum, blackberry and licorice notes. A floral hint adds charm on the finish. (read more)

Cougar Crest Dedication 9 ’12     Washington     $18
Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. Velvety and round, with gently pulsing flavors of currant and plum, hinting at clove, pepper and roasted meat notes as the finish lingers enticingly.

Wine Tasting

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