lummi island wine tasting may 12 ’23

PLEASE NOTE: The wine shop will be closed during ferry drydock. We will again be open for wine tasting on Friday, May 26.

However… Friday bread pickup will continue from 4-5:30 pm, and “emergency” wine purchases can be arranged with Janice at those times. We regret any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you after drydock!


Friday Bread Pickup This Week

Poolish Ale – the preferment here is a poolish, made with bread flour, a bit of yeast and a nice ale beer for the liquid and fermented overnight. Mixed the next day with bread flour and fresh milled whole wheat. This makes a great all around bread with a nice crisp crust – $5/loaf

Sonnenblumenbrot – Aka Sunflower Seed Bread, made with a pre-ferment that takes a portion of the flour, water, salt and yeast that ferments overnight before mixing the final dough with bread flour and freshly milled rye, then loaded up with toasted sunflower seeds and some barley malt syrup for sweetness. – $5/loaf

and pastry this week…

Chocolate Croissants – a\A traditional laminated french pastry made with a bit of sourdough flavor and another pre-ferment to help strengthen the dough to create the traditional honeycomb interior. Rolled out and shaped with delicious dark chocolate in the center. – 2/$5

To get on the bread order list, click on the “Contact Us” link above and fill out the form. Each week’s bread menu is sent to the list each Sunday, for ordering by Tuesday, for pickup on Friday. Simple, right..? If you will be visiting the island and would like to order bread for your visit, at least a week’s notice is recommended for pickup the following Friday.


Champoeg State Park

morning fog out the back window at Champoeg State Park in Oregon wine country











Local Turkey Shows Off at Bullard’s Beach


Just arrived at Bullard’s Beach State Park just north of Bandon. OR, one of our favorite State Parks. As with nearly all WA and OR state parks, it is very well maintained, quiet*, and soothing.

Shortly after arrival, this Turkey started strutting around our site, occasionally gobbling for the nearby female, and at some point moved to dance his Display for his darling. And us.

Gonna have to do some research on how exactly these creatures have managed to survive in the Wild. After all, every day is Thanksgiving for wolves, coyotes, and other turkey fans. Maybe there is a special Turkey martial art…?


Economics of the Heart: Ferry Fare Update

Well…it’s been a very challenging several months. It began back in November by simply asking some ordinary questions about rationales, procedures, objectives, and goals about ferry accounting, and then waking up in a world where nothing I was hearing made any sense. And that, as the lead actress in an old BBC series used to say about nearly everything, “is my one Weakness…!”

First were the contradictions of an incoherent rationale for a substantial and immediate ferry fare increase that was suddenly necessary to avoid imminent fiscal disaster. When fairly mundane inspection revealed that the rationale was faulty, it would be replaced by another, which would also be found to be false, and on and on through several iterations, each with an ever-increasing  sense of Urgency about the Disastrous Financial Crisis that would occur if the fare increase were not passed immediately, and a corresponding incompatibility with known facts.

Public Works was anxious to pass the increase, which made the County Council anxious to pass the increase, which made the County Executive anxious about all the anxiety, which made PW more anxious, etc etc., etc. And None of them was particularly picky about separating actual facts from convenient fiction. It’s been a LONG few months.

A month ago, after getting zero traction through normal channels, we went public with some of these concerns. That seems to have engaged community conversation and inquiry, and that led to the independent formation of an ad hoc group that took up the cause and which has managed to get enough traction to open up a public conversation about these issues. Members of this “working group” will be working with the Ferry Advisory Committee (LIFAC) (of which I am a member non grata) to sort out a proposed piece of County legislation that will lay the ground rules for ferry financing over the next bunch of years, including the anticipated transition to the new Giant Vessel around 2026.

“A Circle is Perfect— but the World is not Round…”








Wine Tasting

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