lummi island wine tasting october 11 ’14

Camera Mystery Explained

p7700The older we get (a wonderful thing in SO many ways!) the more often our “Aha!” insights can turn out to be “You mean Everyone but me has known this all along…???” It’s a humbling experience that can make one wonder: “Is this another Little Slip toward the “Over” side of The Hill…?”

In last week’s post I admit got a little obsessive about my camera woes– the Case of the Disappearing Photos. I have since determined that the supplemental memory chip, which fits into a slot next to the camera battery (photo), is easily jostled loose. Last week’s mysterious reappearance of a set of long-lost photos, together with the sudden disappearance of a large number of more recent photos, seems to have been caused by the tendency of the memory chip to go in and out of contact with relatively small movements of the camera or battery. Move it this way, these photos appear…move it that way, and those photos appear!



Where cement comes from

20141009-173156.jpgLast week Pat spent several days in Vancouver at an embroidery design workshop on Granville Island. While there she took photos of these colorful characters painted on silos at Ocean Cement. As art it’s pretty interesting, although it is vaguely disturbing that, you know, trucks drive between the legs of these Giant Space Aliens to get, you know Dumped On.

Actually, the whole project is one of a number of large art installations by Brazilian artists and twins Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, who call themselves OS GEMEOS  (“THE TWINS”). They have been installing giant works of art around the world for over a dozen years. For a little trip through their work, go to their website and scroll across the mural header at the top of the page. Pretty amazing stuff!

See more details on the Granville Island installation.


Symphonic Metal 

dscn0985-1 (Modified)Two weeks ago we enjoyed a very quiet Saturday afternoon at the wine shop. Such days often provide a laid-back atmosphere more conducive to easy conversation than more crowded times allow. Such was the case with Margaret and Eric. They both have musical talents, interesting jobs, and an infectious upbeat attitude.

The conversation somehow started on the topic of “Symphonic Metal,” which is, apparently, an emerging music genre. Margaret is on the verge of starting a group in this genre which would fuse elements of Opera (she has had a lot of training) and, you guessed it, Heavy Metal. Everybody’s favorites, right? How could you possibly miss?? Just think “easy listening” and imagine it piped into elevators…ah, so soothing!

We managed to get Pandora up and running for awhile on our ten-year-old salvaged PC, and they led us through several groups that have some of the elements of the genre: Nightwish (e.g., Phantom of the Opera or End of All Hope) and Apocalypica (try Heat  (metal + cello…I am not making this up!). There are lots of others (The Glitch Mob, Epica). Much of it tips way too strongly toward Metal for my taste. But I have to say some of the more interesting examples have a very Epic sound, easy to imagine as movie sound track material for sweeping, vaguely dystopian sci-fi films…!

This week’s tasting

Lost River Rose’13 Washington $15
A long-time favorite here…blended from merlot and cabernet franc, harvested early to preserve crisp acidity and bright notes of strawberry and cherry.

Cepas del Zorro Macabeo ’13 Spain $10
100% Macabeo; barrel-fermentation preserves a lively character while adding body and texture; great intensity of fruit aromas, highlighted with notes of ripe apple.

Agricultura Vinho Tinto ’11 Portugal $11
From Alentejo, on Portugal’s south-eastern border with Spain, comes this eminently quaffable red wine with surprising depth and complexity.

Borie de Maurel Espirit d’Automne ’11 France $13
Syrah, grenache, carignan; perfumes of black olives, tobacco, and spices; minerally flavors of graphite, limestone and clay with notes of morello cherries, red fruits, mint, and licorice.

Susana Balbo Signature Malbec ’12 Argentina 91pts $25
Sexy aromas of dark berries, violet, and mocha, with juicy, fruit-driven black plum, blackberry and violet flavors and harmonious acidity, precision, and inner-mouth tension.


Wine Tasting

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