Wine Tasting June 26 ’10

Of course June 26 is engraved on my memory like a burn from a branding iron. That’s the date in 1963 when I, fresh from high school at the tender age of 17, was sworn in as a midshipman at the Naval Academy…i.e., “Resistance is futile; You Too Will Be Assimilated.” Eight years later, the Beast spit me out gasping, a mutual agreement that I really didn’t Want to be assimilated, and the Borg really didn’t want me, couldn’t use me, had no idea what to make of me. But of course that was a long time ago. before most of you were even born.

All YOU need to know about this weekend is THE ITALIANS ARE HERE! THE ITALIANS ARE HERE! THE ITALIANS ARE HERE! Which is to say, the semiannual shipment from the little Italian wine importer we buy from (because they invite us to a wonderful tasting and dinner at Ciao Thyme twice a year and all the wines taste GREAT!) have arrived (first contingent, anyway) and we will be pouring three of them this weekend. ONE of those has been particularly popular around AWG the last couple of years, so this year I got two cases of the Marchetti Late Harvest Verdicchio, and yes, it is at least as luscious as in previous years. Be advised that if you want some, feel free to call and reserve it; otherwise take your chances! (see notes below)

The same goes for Marchetti’s Montepulciano (read about him here , and also a new one for us, the Palama primitivo, which I really liked a LOT, and I think you will, too. See notes below.

In addition (as if that weren’t enough, LAST weekend David and Kier brought over a bottle of an Unknown Wine (one of a substantial number sacrificed for the evening), and it was Pretty Tasty: Dynasty Cellars “DC3” bordeaux blend. It comes in a nicely designed bottle, and is well-crafted –lots of oak– and what’s more, it is made less than a mile away over on Haxton Rd., and the phone number was on the bottle! So of course I called the number and left a message. Twenty minutes later Peter the winemaker called, and on Sunday Pat and I and David and Kier and Brian and Leigh make the trek over to taste Peter’s wines, and came home with a case. All I can say is, you will like it!

As for last week…

This week’s wines:

Marchetti Later Harvest  Verdicchio (Italy) $14
Full-bodied with lush notes of pear and melon, and  beautiful acidity. An extra month on the vine delivers not sweetness, but rather greater body, structure, and fruit essence. Entirely satisfying!

Marchetti Montepulciano  ‘06 (Italy)   $10
Laced with intriguing smoky cranberry spiciness over vividly flavored dark cherry and ripe plums. A joy to drink!

Palama Primitivo 09   (Italy)  $12
This is the same winery on the heel of the Italian boot that gave us the delightful “Arcangelo” last year. This one is lush, intense, bright, and approachable, with notes of dark anise, cedar, and blackberry confit.

Dynasty Cellars Meritage ’06 Washington $21
Dan Radil, wine writer for the Herald, did a nice writeup on this wine in January, saying (and I agree) “Beautifully textured with layers of cherry and dark fruits, it also displays plenty of oak and a trace of chocolate on the finish. This is a big, well structured wine that will pair nicely with a beef entrée now and it promises to get even better with additional cellaring.”

Wine Tasting

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