lummi island wine tasting sept 23-24 ’22

Hours this weekend: 4-6pm both Friday and Saturday

It has been quiet on the Island since Labor Day. Though it is not so quiet as the many recent Septembers when the car ferry has been in dry dock for annual maintenance, there is still noticeably less traffic, and the autumn light and color are soothing. Don’t know about you, but backing away from Covid restrictions still feels a little threatening after all this time (2 1/2 years!) of distancing.

Ne’ertheless, as we creep our way toward normalcy we will continue to provide ventilation and air filtration here at the shop, and ask that the unvaxed continue to find seating outside.

Weather this weekend will be 60-ish, with varying degrees of cloudiness Friday and a bit of sunshine Saturday.


Bread Pickup This Week

Multi Grain Levain – – Made with a sourdough culture and a flavorful mix of bread flour and fresh milled whole wheat and rye. A nice mixture of flax, sesame sunflower and pumpkin seeds and some polenta add great flavor and crunch. And just a little honey for some sweetness. A great all around bread that is full of flavor – $5/loaf

Polenta Levain –– Also made with a levain, aka sourdough, from a starter fed and built up over several days, then mixed with bread flour and polenta in the final dough mix. This bread is a nice rustic loaf with great corn flavor. – $5/loaf

and mmm, pastry this week…

Traditional Croissants – Made with both a sourdough levain and a prefermented dough – aka “old dough” where a portion of the flour, water, salt and yeast is fermented overnight. The final dough is then made with more flour, butter, milk and sugar, laminated with more butter before being cut and shaped into traditional french croissants. –2/$5

To get on the bread order list, click on the “Contact Us” link above and fill out the form. Each week’s bread menu is sent to the list each Sunday, for ordering by Tuesday, for pickup on Friday. Simple, right..? If you will be visiting the island and would like to order bread for your visit, at least a week’s notice is recommended for pickup the following Friday.


Wine of the Week: Ryan Patrick Rock Island Chardonnay ’20    Washington       $15 Patrick winery began as a small family winery in 1999. Founders Terry and Vivian Flanagan named the winery after their two sons, Ryan and Patrick. Ryan focused on learning vineyard management, and Patrick was training to become winemaker. Sadly, Patrick was lost to a car accident in 2004. The family continued making wine and marketing it through their tasting room in Leavenworth.

In 2012, the winery was acquired by growing Washington wine giant Milbrandt Vineyards, which already owned a number of brands and hundreds of acres of Washington vineyards. Vivian Flanagan manages the Milbrandt Leavenworth tasting room, and Ryan manages Milbrandt’s esteemed Evergreen vineyard near Quincy.

Clearly the winery has seen some evolution in its 20-year history. Current winemakers Joshua Maloney and Jeremy Santo have won several awards for the quality of their recent wines. This particular chardonnay strikes a nice balance between oaked and unoaked styles, and has become a favorite of many of our members in recent years, so chances are you’re gonna like it!



Economics of the Heart: When Chickens Forget the Way Home

Perch Importance: Chickens Need A Good Roost To Sleep

It has been an eventful week for our nation as we head into the next national election. Several vectors of inquiry have coalesced into a lot of challenges for the Tweetster, so many that he is now claiming that as former President, he only needs a single thought to declassify a document…no need to say or write anything, it is all telepathic. Yes, he actually said that. 

He is suddenly facing a new set of legal challenges: colossal civil fraud charges in State court for his New York business practices that will likely lead to federal criminal charges, and two significant legal defeats with regard to his misappropriation of classified federal documents: one from Judge Dearie requiring him to decide whether to have his cake or to eat it, and one from the 11th Circuit that the FBI may use the documents in its ongoing criminal investigation. These woes are in addition to the long list of possible Federal and State charges associated with the coup attempt on January 6. 

One would think that even long-time Tweetster sycophants would start easing away from their spineless servitude to this huckster, but so far all the usual suspects continue to toe the line in his defense. There are rumors of some Republicans whispering concerns in the cloakroom, but still too afraid to back away from him publicly, so they don’t, and that is cause for serious head-scratching. Are they afraid incurring his wrath will banish them from his endorsement? Or that he will make public whatever dirt he has collected on them? Could it be that they actually Admire the man…??!! Have they not a shred of honor among them?

As we mused recently, the Supremes’ decision in Dobbs has drastically changed the election playing field this year, giving millions of young women a huge incentive to vote against all these white dudes who are taking away their most basic rights to manage their own bodies. These are many of the same guys who demand the right to infect anyone they want by asserting their right to bodily autonomy and refuse to get a vaccine during a global pandemic. We all see the obvious contradiction here, both men and women.

We mentioned last week that the outcomes of the November election will commit us to a course for our nation and the world with regard to everything we hold dear and depend on for our survival and well-being. Our everyday (but not to be taken for granted) rights and freedoms, the ongoing habitability of our planet, the availability of food and water, and increasing destructiveness of wind, rain, and floods– all of these will require a unified effort. Yet everything we still see in front of us says that because Republicans do not believe these challenges even exist, they condemn us all to making them worse.

So maybe the Tweetster was right about one thing: if we don’t get fight like He!! by getting out the pro-choice vote, we won’t have a country anymore…


This Week’s  Tasting Flight  $10

Ryan Patrick Rock Island Chardonnay ’20        Washington       $15
Aromas and flavors of wildflowers, crisp apples, honey, and cinnamon roll with a round, crisp,  body and a graceful finish of sumac-spiced croutons.

Angeline Cabernet Sauvignon ’20         California         $14
Deep garnet hue with aromas of lush cherry, cassis, and plum lead to rich cherry and plum flavors and lingering notes of vanilla and creamy oak.

Pomum Red ’16     Washington    $18
Carefully made Bordeaux blend of cab, cab franc, malbec, petite verdot, and merlot; aromas of red fruit-leather and exotic spices; flavors of black cherry, cranberry, and garrigue.






Wine Tasting

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