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Weekly Wine tasting July 11

Every Fourth of July I like to remind people to “Watch out for Elephants!” That’s because of a limerick that was popular in our neighborhood when I was a kid. It goes like this: “I asked my mother for fifty cents To see the elephant jump the fence; He jumped so high he touched the […]

Wine Tasting
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July 4th wine tasting 1-5

 Yes, we WILL be open for the 4th. In addition to the regular wine tasting, we will also have a TRUFFLE TASTING!. Today’s confectatory delights include ($1 each): Anise honey Chili spice Fresh lemon Traditional dark/dark Mendiants (medallions) with fruit and nuts And today’s wines…as usual 5 wines, $5 Legoe Bay Reefnet White  Washington $10 […]

Wine Tasting