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Wine Tasting June 12 ’10

Last weekend marked our very first encounter with the new glass “corks” that were introduced in 2006 by Alcoa. I wasn’t expecting it, if fact didn’t even know there was such a thing. Saturday morning I was opening wines for the day’s tasting, and had some trouble getting the foil cutter around the top of […]

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Wine Tasting June 5, ’10

Just so you know, I always read the titles to this year’s entries as “Wine tasting June fifth ought-ten” because as I have argued early in the year this whole century has a zero before the two-digit year, so every year can and should be referred to as “ought-ten,” “ought-thirty-seven,” and so forth. Pass it […]

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Back yard views from Le Chiuse

Le Chiuse is a winery. It has converted the old building above the winery into five agriturismo units. We have the one on the south end, #4, or “oregano.” We are situated on north side of the steep hill to the old walled city of Montalcino, famous for its Brunello de Montalcino (some consider it […]

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