lummi island bread friday january 15 ’16

January-February Hours

dscn1410 (Modified)Reminder: the wine shop is officially closed till March 3. We will NOT be open on any Saturday until March 5!

However, Bread Fridays will continue from 4-6 pm through February 5! And although there will no wine tastings during this period, you will be relieved and pleased to know that you will be able to purchase wine when you stop by for bread pickup. After all, it is Winter, and we all Devoutly Eschew the grim specter of a Winter Wine Emergency! And who knows?..Maybe some Kind Person will buy a bottle and share it with you over the latest bread samples! Even better, maybe YOU will be that kind person!


This Week’s Breads

20141024-122220.jpgBarley Rye with Pumpkin Seeds –  a mix of fresh milled whole wheat rye and barley flours. It also includes some buttermilk to soften the texture of the crumb and some honey to balance the whole grains and finally it is loaded with toasted pumpkin seeds for a little crunch and texture. A great artisan bread, perfect with meats or cheese – $5/loaf.

Kamut LevainOne third fresh milled kamut berries. Kamut is an ancient grain from the middle east, also known as khorasan wheat. It is higher in protein and many minerals than modern wheat. It is always organically grown and non-GMO. It has a beautiful golden color and great flavor. Makes great toast! – $5/loaf.

And then, for a wee bit of sweetness:

Chocolate Croissants – Levain and a pre-fermented dough. Laminated with european butter before rolling out and loading up with chocolate! Ooh la la, some like better than any to be found in Paris. Delicious! – 2/$5.


Making Change

In some ways it was inevitable. In some ways it could never happen, but here it is: the People are suddenly refusing to drink the Partisan Kool-Aid. What IS Bizarre is that the two Rebels who are rising to the surface of the same Muck are polar opposites. So from some very broad viewpoint lots of people are Rebelling against the no-longer-bearable Status Quo.

Having been on the Far Left of the Far Left for a very long time, I can totally understand where the Bernie fans are coming from. When he speaks, I feel great internal congruity: yes, yes, yes, yes, this is what I have been thinking for as long as I can remember. The underlying model is respect for complex interdependent systems on which all Life depends. With humility, intelligence, and careful management, we and our living world can thrive.

The Disenfranchised of the Far Right are harder to figure. But looking at their Poster Boy, my take is they are Angry, Afraid, and Frustrated, and their most basic impulse is to find Someone to Blame and an Authority Figure to Punish them. The underlying view is Linear and Childlike, and therefore deeply vulnerable to the Demagogue who best convinces them that there is a Simple Answer to their Complex Questions.

Either way, the Good News is that we are Witness to a more Primal Exploration of these gut-level polarities this year than for a long time. It’s Quite a Show!



Wine Tasting

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