Lummi Island Wine Tasting April 6 ’13

On the Road

The picture at left is of a sister (brother?) trailer to the one we are picking up (taking in tow, actually) in Denver tomorrow. From there we will meander our way back to scenic Lummi Island over the next few weeks, visiting with old friends and family along the way, several of whom we (and possibly many of you) first met at our wine shop (e.g., Leere, Leigh and Brian, Kier and David…).





The Dark Lords of Coors


As I write this, we are visiting an old high school friend of mine  in Golden, CO, a lovely upscale town a bit West of Denver. This summer marks 50 years since our high school graduation, a fairly iconic milestone, and it has been a great visit.

I have to say that while I have no strong opinions one way or the other about Coors beer, which is made here, I do feel compelled to say that the structure that houses the brewery has an unmistakable Darkness about it, its vast gray concrete ramparts strongly resembling Mordor itself, so Creepy I doubt that anyone who has seen it could ever again drink the beer it produces. I mean, I thought it was some kind of Power Plant, built to last maybe, but without a shred of aesthetic sensibility.

However, the town of Golden and surrounding countryside are quite lovely, and we have enjoyed our stay.


Tomorrow we hit the road in the new trailer, and so will not be present for the usual festivities at the wine shop. Ryan will open the shop for regular hours on Friday (4-7) and Saturday (2-6). Only he knows what wines he will pour, so stop by and find out. We will be thinking of you, and will update our travel notes periodically over the next couple of weeks.





The Dark Lords of Coors

Wine Tasting

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