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Friday Breads

Barley, Whole Wheat, & Rye Levain – a levain bread where the sourdough culture is built over several days and allowed to ferment before the final dough is mixed. Made with bread flour and freshly milled whole wheat, barley and rye flours. A hearty whole grain bread that is a great all around bread – $5/loaf

Rye w/ Currants, Pumpkin Seeds & Cracked Coriander –  Made with a levain that is made with rye instead of wheat flour, the final dough is about half bread flour and half freshly milled rye flour, some molasses for sweetness and pumpkin seeds, currants and cracked coriander seed make for an interesting flavor profile. Because of the high amount of rye this bread is generally a more compact loaf and is great with meats and cheese – $5/loaf

Rum Raisin Brioche: A delicious brioche dough full of eggs, butter and sugar. Filled with golden raisins and chunks of almond paste AND topped with a chocolate glaze before baking. Ooh la la! – 2/$5.

(note: breads must be pre-ordered by Wednesday for pickup here at the wine shop at our Friday wine tasting, 4-6pm. Planning a visit to the Island? Email us to get on the mailing list!)

Yummy Goodies!

Over the last few months we have been remiss in letting our stock of delicious artisan Chocolate dwindle and run out. So we have Good News: we have just brought in a new order of delicious Theo chocolate bars from their factory at the old Red Hook brewery on the shore of the ship canal in Fremont. They include dark chocolate peanut butter cups, two different milk chocolate bars, and four new dark chocolate bars.

In addition, of course, we hope to replenish our stock of the Deeply Delicious Dick Taylor chocolate very soon!




Since our recent trial run carrying Lummi Island Wild’s terrific sushi-grade albacore canned tuna was such a hit with so many of you, we have just brought in Two More Cases! If you have tasted it, you know it is Proof that all canned tuna is NOT created equal! And while the $7.50 price per can may seem high at first blush, it is truly Something Special!






Studio Tour Artist Kim Obbink


Returning this weekend as our Studio Tour artist is Kim Obbink, showing her latest series of finely detailed drawings and paintings of island botanical and marine life subjects. If you missed last year’s show, you owe it to yourself to swing by and spend some time with these newest paintings.

Her work uses mostly watercolor and colored pencils to capture not only the visual details of each subject but also to project its feeling and energy. And as she pointed out while hanging the show, like Audobon’s birds, their beauty is of their husks, the bodies they leave behind. Ah, we organic beings are so fleeting…!

Do not miss it!













Mar a Lago Update: Fools, Damn Fools, and Methane

Abe Lincoln famously observed: “You can fool All of the people Some of the time, and Some of the people All of the time, but you Can’t fool All of the people All of the time.” Well said, well said! These lines have always held for us a certain humorous and sensible wisdom. Until, that is, Fox News and the Religious Right banded together in the 80’s to mount a non-stop 24/7 attack on all forms of Critical Thinking, a campaign that has only grown more virulent and flagrant over time.

Right Wing Media embraced a number of despicable and Un-American tactics including libelous accusations and personal attacks against Liberal politicians and thinkers, turning what had been the News Media into an Orwellian world of Newspeak,  constantly inciting anger and resentment among the Gullible. Each day for thirty-odd years the Fox news cycle has set a theme which left-leaning comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert would often satire by showing host after host using exactly the same phrase on all news shows through the entire broadcast day: the Pharoahs of Phake News.

In Orwell’s words, the language of Newspeak would over time “make all other modes of thought Impossible…” with the ultimate goal that “eventually Oldspeak would be forgotten and Heretical Thought would be Literally Unthinkable.” In other words, All of the People could be Fooled All of the Time! For years now we have seen Newspeak dribble down the chin of Darth McConnell and the Empty Minions who stand with him in every Photo Op like a Silent Greek Chorus not granted the Gifts of Original Thought or Speech. It has now become Abundantly Clear that somewhere around 40% of Americans are Proud to stand among those who are Fooled All of the Time. It’s a little like an old Sci Fi theme where the main character realizes at the end that Everyone but him is now an Alien…gulp!!

The Tweetster, it turns out, is the Current Product of all of this. Like Dubya before him, he was Chosen because, one might say of him, “not enough water to Float a Boat,” i.e., not enough There There to present an obstacle to Corporate Goals. On the other hand, his latest attempts to strike down EPA regulations on methane reduction have run into snags. The critical string of facts here is that: a) methane creates 80x more global warming per molecule than CO2:  b) methane is largely a by-product of natural gas production; c) the Major Energy Companies are marketing natural gas as the “Clean Alternative” to oil and coal; d) the Majors Require that all leaks of methane be hunted down and eliminated; but e) smaller. regional oil and gas producers do not have the financials to clean up after themselves and want subsidies in the form of less regulation.

So curiously, in this case, long term environmental goals of the country and short term economic goals of the Majors are aligned, because natural gas is the logical transition fuel between the petroleum economy that is causing Global Warming and the renewable energy economy that we must develop as soon as possible. But at the same time, the smaller producers would prefer less regulation– i.e., they are not profitable enough to pay the environmental costs of their production and would prefer to pass those costs on to the public in the form of an increasingly uninhabitable planet.


Washington Post Tweetster Lie Count to date: 12,000 as of 6/10/19


This weekend’s wine tasting

The first thing you should know is that longtime Friend of the Wine Shop, Importer and Distributor Tristan will be pouring selections from his portfolio on Saturday; see below. Below are our tasting wines for Friday. We will be open on Sunday this weekend from 1-5pm because of Studio Tour, and we shall see what we will be pouring then!

Domaine de l’Amauve La Daurèle, CdR Villages Séguret ’17      France       $18
Grenache blanc, clairette, viognier, & ugni blanc; expressive nose of white fruits, mirabelle plum, and acacia honey; soft on the palate with lively citrus flavors…very Food Versatile!

Chat. Ste. Eulalie Rose ’18 France $ 13
A delightful dry rose with flavors of fresh raspberries, strawberries, and crisp redcurrant fruit with a hint of spice: an excellent match for grilled Mediterranean vegetables and lamb.

MAN Vintners Pinotage ’17 South Africa $11
Dark berries, plum and a smoke on the nose. Rustic yet silky and juicy, with wild cherry flavors, smooth tannins and well-controlled acidity. good intensity to the plum and mocha flavors.

Sant’ Antonio Monti Garbi Ripasso ’15    Italy    $18
A gorgeous, expressive, tasty Valpolicella; floral notes give lift to the expressive, beautifully centered palate and a long, polished finish.

Shatter Grenache Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes ’17      France    $19
From Old Vines in Roussillon’s black schist soil; nose of dark fruit with a hint of espresso; velvety texture with black currant, spice and cured meat flavors with a touch of coffee; firm structure, supple tannins, excellent acidity and overall balance.

Saturday wine tasting:

Jane Ventura Brut Rose Reserva 2016 - $11.89
Chateau de Caraguiles Corbierres Rose - $10.49
Domaine Frederick Sornin Beaujolais Blanc - $11.79
Castillo de Mendoza Vitaran Crianza- $9.79
Chateau Sicot Bordeaux Superieur - $10.49
Cervoles Garnatxa "Les Garrigues" - $13.99



Wine Tasting

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