lummi island wine tasting aug 5-6 ’22

Hours this weekend: 4-6pm both Friday and Saturday

We are back from our trip so this weekend we will be open again as usual from 4-6 Fri-Sat. Covid continues to be a threat, even for those fully vaccinated. Limited outdoor seating is available on the deck for those who wish to stay outside.

At this stage of the pandemic in our region, anyone can be a carrier, so though overall risks are low, we all must manage risk to ourselves and others in our own way. You are welcome to wear a mask , stay outside, or otherwise distance as additional precautions to protect yourself and others. For our part, we will continue taking basic precautions in the wine shop: windows open, air filter operating, outside seating options. We do continue to request that the unvaxed remain outside for tasting.

Fyi, the forecast is for warm, sunny, comfortable (72°) weather all weekend…!


Bread Pickup This Week

Levain w/ Dried Cherries and Pecans – a levain is made the night before final mixing of the dough using a sourdough starter. This allows the fermentation process to start and the gluten to start developing. The final dough is made with the levain, bread flour and fresh milled whole wheat and then loaded up with dried cherries and toasted pecans. A nice rustic loaf that goes well with meats and cheese – – $5/loaf

Pan de Cioccolate – A delicious chocolate artisan bread that isn’t an enriched sweet pastry dough with lots of eggs, butter and sugar. Rather this bread is a rich chocolate bread made with a levain, bread flour and fresh milled rye flour, honey for sweetness, vanilla and plenty of dark chocolate. Makes fabulous toast, even better french toast – $5/loaf

and mmm, pastry this week…!

Pain aux Raisin– Made with the same laminated dough as croissants. The dough is rolled out, spread with pastry cream and sprinkled with a mix of golden raisins and dried cranberries that have been soaked in sugar syrup. Rolled up and sliced before baking. – 2/$5

To get on the bread order list, click on the “Contact Us” link above and fill out the form. Each week’s bread menu is sent to the list each Sunday, for ordering by Tuesday, for pickup on Friday. Simple, right..? If you will be visiting the island and would like to order bread for your visit, at least a week’s notice is recommended for pickup the following Friday.



Wine of the Week: Seghesio Zinfandel ’19    California        $23

Seghesio Family Vineyards Zinfandel, Sonoma County | prices, stores, tasting notes & market dataThe Seghesio family has been growing zinfandel grapes in Sonoma for 125 years, possibly starting with cuttings from closely related primitivo vines from southern Italy. Zinfandel from the region has built a reputation for big, fruit-forward red wines that coat the palate and fill the senses with their flavors and aromas. Over the decades the winery has developed numerous single-vineyard labels, each with its own special characteristics.

As is the case for many top wineries, selected portions of the juice that doesn’t make the cut for single-vineyard bottling are blended to make this annual blend, which is predictably delicious and enticing in its own way. From year to year it reliably delivers a delicious zinfandel at a modest price.


The Economics of the Heart: Still on Track for Corporate Feudalism

Today we are inviting your attention to a compelling preview in today’s WaPo of Dana Milbank’s forthcoming book, The Destructionists: The Twenty-Five Year Crack-Up of the Republican Party . Milbank supports our longstanding hypothesis that the Republican attack on democracy began in earnest with the 1994 House Speakership of Newt Gingrich, with his nonstop anger, lies, accusations, blaming, belittling, and race-baiting to stoke fear and anger against Democrats among white, fundamentalist, rural Americans. The article shows with a detailed timeline that political antipathy in America is not something that arrived with Donald Trump. On the contrary, it is the path that set the stage for a Donald Trump.

Milbank lays out a detailed timeline of the evolution of the  movement through the Clinton years, into the “tea party” years, the full-on racist anti-Obama years, and the current election-denial years. As Milbank points out, “the problem isn’t primarily polarization. The problem is that one of our two major political parties has ceased good-faith participation in the democratic process… Republicans became Destructionists: They destroyed truth, they destroyed decency, they destroyed patriotism, they destroyed national unity, they destroyed racial progress, they destroyed their own party, and they are well on their way to destroying the world’s oldest democracy.”

The fact is that this Repupli-Fascist movement is now mature, wealthy, and in full charge of many state governments and much  of our Federal infrastructure. In a few short months there will be another national election to determine the division of power in Congress for the next two years. While the efforts by many Red states to rig their elections “legally” to assure lasting majorities are flagrant violations of Constitutional principles, they still stand as formidable  obstacles to fairness and justice. Of course, recent events have also shown that their white, fundamentalist, Christian views also control much of the Federal Court as well.

There is one tiny glimmer of hope in recent news from Kansas (we’re not making this up!). The defeat of a proposal to change the State Constitution to ban abortion was soundly defeated in this week’s election by a massive and surprising voter turnout. At the same time the latest polls from 538 are showing that the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the MCSC (Mostly Catholic Supreme Court) seems to have ignited a revolution of sorts among women across the country. Because similar feelings exist among women in All the red states, many state poll results are shifting toward blue because of this one issue. To which we can only whisper, “let it be…”


This Week’s $5 Tasting

Natura Rose ’21    Chile        $12
Cold-soaked before pressing and cold-fermented on the skins to develop rich and nuanced aromas and flavors of grassy lime, tropical fruits, and lychee, with a crisp, lingering finish.

Domaine de l’Amauve La Daurèle, Côtes du Rhône Villages Séguret ’18    France    $17
Grenache blanc, clairette, viognier, & ugni blanc; expressive nose of white fruits, Mirabelle plum, and acacia honey; soft on the palate with lively citrus flavors…a particular favorite!

Seghesio Zinfandel ’19    California        $23
Aromas of deep dark fruits lead to a juicy, vibrant palate with notes of black cherry, black raspberry, fig, baking spice and fresh plum, and layered fruit flavors, finishing with supple, textured tannins and a lingering, complex finish.





Wine Tasting

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