Lummi Island Wine Tasting August 6 ’11

Well, this has been a beautiful week on the Island and environs. Lots of sun with cool breezes, beautiful and bright colors, and the deep blue mid-summer sky with its tapestry of puffy white clouds. Yes, folks, this is what the locals have been waiting for for nearly two years, and what is generally known around here as “Summer.”

It’s a little like what they would call early fall in a lot of places, but here it is actually more summery than last year, and absolutely beautiful. Mornings are cool and bright, gradually warming up so that for a few hours in mid-to-late afternoon it gets up into the 70’s for a while and it feels really Hot! The coolness in the air whispers of Fall, but in a way that makes you think, ah, it would not be a bad thing, a long, slow, sunny, and bright unfolding from whatever season this is into whatever comes next in three or four months. All in all, it’s just about Perfect– days when everywhere you look you feel particularly grateful for being able to perceive Color.

We had a great tasting last week. The wines were all delicious, the place was pretty full much of the afternoon, and everyone was in a sunny mood, very energizing. I think it’s one of the defining characteristics of the Pacific Northwest, this High that everyone shares on a sunny day. I fantasize that it is all about Color: when the clouds are thick around here, the color washes out of everything, and if you really look, everything is some shade of gray because there just isn’t enough light to bring out the colors, so we actually just imagine them, and when the sun is clear and bright, with no haze, it’s as if we are all sort of giggling inside, it is SO beautiful here.

So maybe the wines WERE terrific last week. Or maybe it was just a beautiful weekend and everything was elevated by it. All I know is that being outdoors during much of the last week has been a real treat, with the cool air on your face, the warm sun on your back, the blue sky and the blue-green water lapping at the shore while eagles, herons, terns, and a bumper crop of robins soar, cruise, hover, and hop all over the place.

Our Thursday and Friday evening openings from four to seven have become increasingly popular. Thursdays seem more laid back, more salon-like (like tonight with a few steadfast supporters), and Fridays a bit more of a Happy Hour event. So far we are pleased with the response to the new hours. What’s your favorite time to visit?!!

sunny smiles for a sunny day

perfect outfits to show off the paintings!

This week’s wines:

La Cana Albarino 09 Spain 90pts $14
Light gold-colored with an unusually fragrant nose of mineral, lemon zest, and spring flowers that jumps from the glass, on the palate it exhibits a creamy texture, vibrant acidity, and a lengthy, refreshing finish.

Bargemone Provence Rose ’10 France $14
Pale pink.  Bright, mineral-dusted aromas of pink grapefruit and dried red berries.  Light-bodied and racy on the palate, offering tangy citrus and redcurrant flavors. Finishes brisk and dry, with good lingering spiciness and length.

Jean-luc Colombo Les Abeilles 07 France $12
Creamy and forward, with pretty plum, red cherry and floral notes backed by a stylish finish. Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre

Mt Baker Cab Franc ’08 Washington $16
Aromas of raspberry, pie cherry, strawberry candy and black pepper, backed by minerality and crushed leaf, with juicy red cherry and cranberry acidity. Spicy finish of pepper and anise.

Wine Tasting

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