lummi island wine tasting december 18 ’15

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Friday Breads (call us to get on the preorder mailing list! )

20141024-122220.jpgHeidebrot – a German country bread that is about half bread flour and half fresh milled rye. It uses a rye fed sourdough, unlike the normal wheat fed sourdough. A great artisan bread with a nice rye flavor – $5/loaf.

Pecan Flax Seed – Also made with rye levain, bread flour and freshly milled whole wheat. Plenty of flax seeds, toasted pecans and a little honey make for a flavorful loaf. Really delicious- $5/loaf.

Brioche au Chocolate – A lovely brioche dough that is full of eggs, butter and sugar, rolled out and spread with pastry cream and chopped dark chocolate. Folded over and cut into rolls and baked. My oh my! – 2/$5.


More Italian arrivals!

As mentioned last week, our Fall Italian wine pre-order from Small Vineyards just recently arrived; therefore this weekend we are pouring another All-Italian tasting! These twice-a-year shipments from SV reliably bring great wines at very modest prices, and though we would have preferred them a month ago, on the plus side here they are just in time for the Holidays! Many of you will recognize fondly familiar labels as well as some new labels altogether or new wines from wineries we have been enjoying for years.

Our lead-off white is a pinot blanc from the spectacular alpine region of Alto Adige, tucked up along the Italian borders with Switzerland and Austria. The next two on the tasting list (Arcangelo Negroamaro and Treggiaia Sangiovese) are popular favorites with many of you. Number Four is new, a Super-Tuscan blend of cab and merlot, and Number Five is a an interesting Sangiovese from Perazzeta, one of our long-time favorite producers, from a just rediscovered vineyard harboring a sangiovese clone thought long extinct.



Wine Shop Holiday Schedule

dscn1410 (Modified)For reasons mostly involving Bread Coordination, this is more complicated than usual, so read carefully!

~This weekend, December 18-19: Open as usual, Friday 4-7, and Saturday 2-6.

~Wednesday, December 23: Open for first-ever Bread Wednesday from 4 to around 6:30, sort of “Friday on Wednesday.” Come pick up your bread, taste some wine, and wish The Gang a Happy Christmas!

Friday, December 25, Christmas Day– Closed

Saturday, December 26 (“Boxing Day” in Canada!): Open for usual Saturday hours, 4-6


Eleventh Annual “East Coast New Year’s Eve” Extravaganza

Well after ten years our “East Coast New Year’s Eve Party” has become an Established Tradition. From 7-9pm on New Year’s Eve, we provide the wine, you bring something delicious to share, and when the ball drops in Times Square three hours away, we all hoist our glasses and toast the New Year! The Young at Heart can move on to the next party on their dance cards, and we old timers can get to bed at a decent hour! It’s also our chance to thank you for your support this past year, and to look ahead to more fun in aught-sixteen. Mark your calendars and start planning your finger food!

Important Note! Speaking of Finger Food, we will again this year have a Secret Operative sampling the dishes and Assigning Points! Yummiest Dish wins a $25 credit, and Yummiest-Looking Dish wins a $15-dollar credit! Let’s see if Competition really does improve Quality!


This week’s tasting

Kaltern Jubilee pinot blanc ’14 Alto Adige (It) $14
Clean, with whistling-bright acidity and fresh and floral nose with overtones of apples, pears, stone fruits and quince, and juicy fruit-basket aromas on the finish.

Palama Negroamaro ’12 Italy $10
Elegantly expansive, rich and robust, with silky mouthfeel, layered aromas of steeped spices, and palate of blackberry jam with accents of cinnamon, leather, tobacco and smoke.

Pugliano Treggiaia     Italy     $11
A smooth and satisfying blend of sangiovese, canniolo & cab, showing bright fruit, food-friendly acidity, aromas of cherry and herbs, and an easy, friendly mouthfeel. A long-time favorite here.

Micheletti Bolgheri Rosso ’14    Italy   $18
Blend of cab and merlot, showing aromas of dark cherry, dusty plum, and cinnamon…a great value!

Perazzeta “Emma” Sangiovese ’14 Italy $18
From a clone of Sangiovese thought extinct for 150 years– rich and spicy, with aromatic hints of eucalyptus.

Wine Tasting

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