lummi island wine tasting december 23 ’15

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Holiday Special! Friday Breads on Wednesday!!

Arrr, take note, me hearties, ‘ere we are another Solstice, ‘n’ the days now be gettin’ longer again, and maybe a bit brighter– a good time fer raisin’ our glasses to the turn o’ the Seasons, eh…? Sure, and we wish ye warm comforts that carry ye through the Winter, startin’ with these fine breads…!

20141024-122220.jpgPain aux Noix – the “noix”  are hazelnuts, making a rich and flavorful bread made with bread flour, whole wheat, honey, butter, and milk, and loaded with ground and chopped hazelnuts.  – $5/loaf

Stollen – A rich and delicious traditional Christmas bread, loaded with dried and candied fruit, fresh orange and lemon peel, almonds, almond paste, and plenty of spices. Brushed with butter and powdered sugar after baking. Rich and decadent – $5/loaf.

Fruit and Spice buns – Half bread flour and half fresh milled whole wheat. Plenty of sugar and butter with dried fruit, spices, orange peel and juice, topped with pearl sugar. -2/$5.

Rest of the Year Schedule


Early 2016 Schedule

High-level negotiations are working toward continuing Bread Fridays and accompanying wine tastings through January from 4-6pm  through February 6, though a  few details still need to be worked out. Also note that the wine shop will NOT be open on Saturdays in January or February. As of press time, however, we are confirming Bread Fridays and accompanying wine tastings on January 8 and 15, 2016…! Stay tuned!


Wine Club Reminder!

In 2015 we changed wine club subscriptions to Calendar Annual. That is, all memberships started between January 1 and August 31, 2015 expire on December 31, 2015, while subcriptions after September 1 will continue through 2016. So be sure to re-up next time you’re in the shop to continue enjoying our membership benefits, like $5 tastings and no-sales-tax purchases!


Eleventh Annual “East Coast New Year’s Eve” Extravaganza

As the Fortunate Few know well, our annual “East Coast New Year’s Eve Party” is now an established Tradition. From 7-9pm on New Year’s Eve we provide the wine, you bring something delicious to share, and when the ball drops in Times Square three hours away, we all hoist our glasses and toast the New Year! The Young at Heart move on to the next party, and we old timers can get to bed at a decent hour! We welcome this annual opportunity to thank all of you for your support this past year, and to toast ahead to even more fun in aught-sixteen. Arrrr, ye best mark yer calendars now ‘n’ start planning yer finger food. And please RSVP (758-2959 or Email) if yer plannin’ to attend!

Important Note! Speaking of Finger Food, we will again this year have a Secret Operative sampling the dishes and Assigning Points! Yummiest Dish wins a $25 credit, and Yummiest-Looking Dish wins a $15-dollar credit! Let’s see if Competition really does improve Quality!


This week’s wine tasting

Lambert de Seyssal Royal Seyssal France $22
Great sparkling wine from the Savoie region; 50% Altesse, 50% Molette from clay/limestone soils. Stacked sur latte for 3-4 years, yielding complex aromas, fine perlage (bubbles), and crisp acidity. Yummy stuff!

Marchetti Rosso Conero ’13 Italy $10
All from “free run juice,” yielding enticing notes of smoky, exotic spice, vanilla, dried cranberry, ripe plum, and bitter dark chocolate.

Pugliano Treggiaia Italy $11
A smooth and satisfying blend of sangiovese, canniolo & cab, showing bright fruit, food-friendly acidity, aromas of cherry and herbs, and an easy, friendly mouthfeel. A long-time favorite here.

Renegade Red ’12 Washington $11
Nicely crafted blend of Cab, Merlot, and Cab Franc; shows lots of red and black fruits, scents of loamy minerality, and fine grained tannins that are matched with balanced acidity.

Terra d’Oro Zinfandel ’11 California $14
Vibrant aromas of clove and big, generous fruit lead to concentrated flavors of juicy plums and blackberries,all with a good dose of toasted oak.


Wine Tasting

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