lummi island wine tasting feb 4 ’22

Wine Shop Schedule Update

As we mentioned last week, no wine tasting again this weekend.

Whatcom County continues to be a Covid hot spot. On the bright side, cases across the County have definitely fallen off during the past week, and case numbers are lowest for residents over 65, and next lowest for those between 45 and 64…you know…our base!

We are beginning the process of restocking our shelves, and will be updating our online order/pickup selections this week. Predictions are for new Omicron cases to continue declining rapidly as the variant burns through the County, but we want to see a significant drop in Covid cases in the area before we do.


Friday Bread This Week

For the time being Bread Pickup will continue to be at Island Bakery. If you are on the bread email list, you will have received order and pickup info from Janice. Pickup is in her driveway out on West Shore Rd, with a fire pit to keep the Usual Suspects comfy.

Current expectations are that bread pickup will likely return to the wine shop when we reopen.







Mailing List Issues

Well… last week our brief missive was delivered Friday morning as intended. Maybe we’ll get lucky again this week…?!










Economics of the Heart: The Paradox of Entitlement

Josh Hawley Archives - Toons Mag

We have long held the belief that Feudalism is the default organizational structure of human beings. There’s only so much Stuff out there, and it takes a lot of work to find it, acquire it, and manage it. For thousands of years decisions have been made by Entitled Elites that reserved the bulk of community resources to their own interests, leaving the dregs for the masses. Most of us, if given a choice, would rather have the options of the elite than not.

The fantasy we grew up with is that here in America everyone had the same chance of achieving enough political autonomy and economic freedom to live lives of relative comfort and security. Social and economic freedom and autonomy were more than one person’s bank account; they were the measure of the mutual success of our economic system.

Today Jennifer Rubin posted a brief note about Sen. Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) recent machinations that points out an interesting paradox in the ongoing Culture War between Right and Left in our country. Her opening sentence pretty well captures the topic: “In a body full of MAGA sycophants and Ivy League-educated senators spewing anti-elite rhetoric, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) manages to stand out.”

There are a couple of eye-rolling takeaways here. First, Hawley is criticizing the Biden Administration for its overly hawkish position on supporting Ukraine’s right to self-determination, while second, asserting that Ukraine is not worth going to war with Russia. And after a blistering commentary by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, he tweeted that “This (rebuke) from an Administration that has coddled Russia from Day One and now brought Europe to the brink of war…”

Second, and even more of a head-scratcher, is that there are a bunch of Republican Senators who rode their Ivy League degrees to Congress even while they continue to decry those institutions as bastions of the Liberal Elite. What seems most clear is that these Maga Ivy-Leaguers are cynically using their “elite” educational backgrounds they as tickets to entitled positions in the New Post-Democracy Feudal America they want to rule.

Clearly, their shared sense of Entitlement is the glue that holds their movement together.




Wine Tasting

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