Lummi Island Wine Tasting February 18 ’12

SUNDAY AFTERNOON FEBRUARY 19:  The Art of Wine in France
Ryan has put together a new series of FOUR tasting workshops on Sunday afternoons, two weeks apart, beginning THIS WEEK, FEBRUARY 19! Each tasting will explore experientially how the wines of a region embody the cultural influences of the area. So you taste the wine, eat the food, see the art, hear the literature, and at some level grok the links among them. It’s fun, it’s interesting, it’s amazing, and we are really looking forward to it! It puts wine into the broader context of its cultural setting to show how this wine could only come from this place. See flyer for details about each workshop, and call soon to reserve your place!

Call now…room for just one or two more for this Sunday!    Ryan: 758-2020


We continue to be open Friday evenings from 4-7. For $5 you get generous tastes of a couple of nice wines and a little plate of crackers, cheese, olives, and charcuterie. We like Fridays because we get to sit on the other side of the bar and schmooze for a change. It’s a little “salon-like,” and may morph into something more structured come Spring. Come on by– it’s a lot easier to chat than on a busy Saturday!

Our white wine this week is curiously unknown by most Americans. It is the most abundant grape in Austria, and they drink so much apparently little escapes their borders! It has the complex flavors and great acidity of riesling,  the fullness of chardonnay, and often a spicy, peppery tang– so it pairs well with just about any dish, and it’s delicious all by itself.
Read more:  It’s Gruner “Velt-LEEN-er !!”   (not Gruner VELT-leen-er!!…who knew???!)

Last week’s special tasting of current releases from David Coffaro made believers out of all who came by. The wines are big, plush, and fruit-forward, definitely New World (well, except maybe for the Carignan…) and a bunch of you splurged for a bottle or two ($25-30 range). Still, we have a bunch left, so look for it. If you didn’t get by to taste them, all you need to know is “it’s not your mother’s merlot.” (depending on your mother, of course).



Like the reverence some cultures have for their ancestors, wine lovers often develop a reverence for Old Vines. Grapevines being what they are (thirsty sun-worshippers– sound familiar??), the older they get, the deeper they grow. The deeper they grow, the more the water they drink takes on the chemistry of the soil they inhabit.

Vines are “mature” after about 30 to 50 years, and the term “Old Vines” usually is reserved for 80, 90, or over 100-year-old vines. These venerable beings are in the business of alchemy at its highest level, transforming water and sunlight into grapes, the fruit of the vine, the nectar of the gods (and mortals!) that so greatly enhances and illuminates life on this Earthly plane.

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This week’s tasting: 

Gobelsburg Gruner Veltliner “Gobelsburger”  ’10   Austria      $16
Subtly floral scents; complex notes of cress, citrus peel, fresh  green bean, and even coffee and lentil combine for a delightful intro to this delightful Austrian varietal. The brashly juicy palate leads to a finish of impressive length, wherein salt, stone, and iodine convey dynamic and complex interaction with fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Peirano Estates The Immortal Zin Old Vines  09    California     $10
Hand selected from gnarly, twisted, 115-year-old vines; deceptively subtle aromas of this wine combine red and black cherry, mineral, earthy rhubarb and slightly spicy red fruit; palate is wrapped in velvety layers of sweet red cherry, strawberry, cocoa and juicy red fruit leading to a lengthy, almost breathless finish.

Tres Picos Garnacha ’07      Spain       WA92pts        $14.
Heady black cherry and blackberry aromas, Asian spices, incense, and mineral notes lead to a dense, layered, rich old-vine Garnacha that over-delivers in a big way, leading to a layered, intense, rich Garnacha with gobs of succulent fruit, excellent balance, and a plush finish.

Perazzeta Erio ‘09    Italy     $14
From a family winery just south of the Montalcino appellation (we also carry their exceptionally good olive oil!) comes this Sangio, cab, syrah blend (”Super Tuscan)– Balance, extract, and rich, intense fruit..

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