Lummi Island Wine Tasting February 25 ’12


Well, I have just been on a weird little browsing journey. As often happens when I start this blog, I look for something timely, humorous, zany, or offbeat to start with. So because it’s 2012, it is also a Leap Year, and that means that there is a whole day reserved for February 29. So, okay, I thought, what about those people who were born on Leap Day? There is the old thing about their only aging 1/4 as fast as the rest of us, and I found this old site (1996) which does a nice job of debunking that. Surely there must be some kind of story here…?

Well, okay, I thought, let’s read more (yes, I confess, I do speak to myself “editorially”), and that led me to “famous people whose birthday was Leap Day.” Most I had not heard of, but two stuck out– Jimmy Dorsey (1904) from Big Band days, an acquaintance of my parents, and “Tempest Storm” (real name Annie Blanche Banks) 1928, identified as a legendary striptease dancer. Okay, I thought, that’s a great stage name, let’s find a picture of her. The Web being what it is, there was no shortage, most not appropriate for this blog (even though tame by contemporary standards). The photo that caught my eye is on the left, with her next to…could it be…are you kidding? OMD…it’s Elvis! 

Further browsing revealed details of their connection in an excerpt from her memoiran interesting read–and by the way, she was also acquainted with the likes of Mickey Rooney, JFK, Englebert Humperdinck, and Sammy Davis Jr. And most important, of course…and which is the whole point here– she was a Leap Day Babe…er, Baby…!

So to all you Leap Day Babies out there, drop by this weekend or next (oh, what the heck, there can’t be that many of you, come BOTH weekends!) for a Free Wine Tasting. One birthday every four years…you deserve it!


THE ART OF WINE Workshop Series   The Art of Wine in Spain    The Art of Wine in Spain      The Art of Wine in Spain
This past Sunday was the first of Ryan’s four workshops (The Art of Wine in France)–it was full, it was REALLY fun, it was fascinating! Ryan leads you on sensual journey linking the wine, the art, the literature, and the food of four regions in each country.


The next workshop is on Sunday, March 3:  The Art of Wine in Spain: 

Take a tipple of aged, dry Sherry while you indulge in the sensuous imagery of Garcia Lorca and the engaging symmetry of Picasso…taste the nuances of a rich red Rioja as the ethereal notes of Ravel tickle your ears… pair Cervantes’ Don Quixote with the outlandish scenarios of Almodovar and a plump, juicy Monastrell from Jumilla…indulge and learn!.


See flyer for details about each workshop, and call soon to reserve your place! Call now… Ryan: 758-2020






We continue to be open Friday evenings from 4-7. For $5 you get generous tastes of a couple of particularly nice wines and a tasty plate of crackers, cheese, olives, and charcuterie to help take the edge off after a hard week at The Factory. We like Fridays because we get to sit on the other side of the bar and schmooze with all of you while Ryan does the hosting and pouring. It’s our little Friday night salon. come on by on the way home, and stock up for the coming week!


After all these years, probably everyone knows about our “Buy any four bottles and we pay the sales tax” policy. Here in the Evergreen State that is a pretty big deal because the sales tax is a whopping 8.6% including the local taxes. We started that policy years ago because we thought if Haggen’s could do it, WE could do it. Of course, they have a lot more volume than we do (that’s why so many of you bring in your old Haggen’s wine bags for us to reuse (keep ’em coming, it really cuts down our bag expense!). But really, we would like to be your Go-To wine shop, and would love to hear suggestions about what it would take to make that happen. We are working on a system to let you pre-order online for either pickup at the shop or even delivery on the Island. Let us know if that is appealing.

Also, we do have feedback from some of you that bought wine during our end-of-2011 $99 case sale that you like the idea of just having us pack up a mixed case for you. We would also appreciate any suggestions about what that might look like. Your thoughts will be most appreciated!


SPRING SPRING SPRING                     

In case you hadn’t noticed, and in accordance with our Decree on Groundhog Day, it is really trying hard to be Spring around here. As nearly as I can tell, the only thing holding it back is that some of you are still wearing Winter Blues (as we called them in the Navy) and staying home on weekends when you should be stepping out— and coming here to join the fun. While the old Zen adage is true that

Spring comes, the grass grows by itself

That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t also take a mental and perhaps spiritual housecleaning to notice that indeed the days are longer, indeed the snowdrops are in bloom, indeed the daffodils are only days away from blooming…!

Revelers from last weekend…!


This week’s tasting:

Novelty Hill Chardonnay Stillwater Creek 09   Washington    91pts     $17
Smooth and round, with a spicy, creamy blanket wrapping around a deftly balanced core of pear and citrus flavors that extend into the graceful finish.

Rubio San Polo  ’09   Italy     $14
From Montalcino, but neither a Brunello nor a Rosso, this lovely upstart bursts from the glass with layers of dark fruit that build with notable intensity. Plump and engaging, thi wine is a huge overachiever in its price range.

Chateau Lestrille Bordeaux Superior ’09   France    $14
A hit at last weekend’s Workshop: Modest plum and cherry fruit is laced with rhubarb and savory herb hints, which persist through the juicy finish.

Garnacha de Fuego 08 Spain $9
Sourced from 60- to 80-year-old vines; purple-colored with spicy black cherry aromas that jump from the glass; this is a forward, friendly, ripe effort with no hard edges.


Wine Tasting

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