lummi island wine tasting Jan 28 ’22

Wine Shop Schedule Update

As we mentioned last week, no wine tasting again this weekend.

And as we also mentioned last weekend we are considering reopening for wine tasting and shopping on our usual schedule (4-6pm) next Friday, February 4…right after Groundhog Day (our favorite Cross-Quarter Day!).

However, Whatcom County continues to be a Covid hot spot. The good news is that: 1) cases have definitely fallen off during the past week; and 2) cases are lowest for residents over 65, and next lowest for those between 45 and 64…you know…our base!

We will be watching this closely over the next week, and will also start restocking our shelves– but we want to see a significant drop in Covid cases in the area before we do. In the meantime we are considering several changes in our operations this year. For now, given the high transmission rate for Omicron, we are being cautious about crowd management.


Friday Bread This Week

For the time being Bread Pickup will continue to be at Island Bakery. If you are on the bread email list, you will have received order and pickup info from Janice.

Current expectations are that bread pickup will likely return to the wine shop after we reopen.

Don’t know about you, but the nasty weather, the Snow, the Rain, the Fog, the Gloom and the Cold for the last month seem to be weighing heavily on the psyche. Not to mention Russia, China, Ukraine and politics at all levels. More to the point…can Mercury Really stay in Retrograde for years at a time? Isn’t there a Law against that??!





Mailing List Issues

Well… last week our brief missive was delivered Friday morning as intended. Maybe we’ll get lucky again this week…?!

Stay safe. We miss you!












Wine Tasting

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