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New: Wine Tasting By Appointment

For the past couple of months we have been exploring how we might recapture some of the living energy of our usual weekly wine tastings at the ferry overflow parking lot for a couple of hours on Friday afternoons. Since Janice had already established the venue for weekly Bread Pickup and Happy Hour, it seemed worth a try. But after some reflection on how that has gone, we have decided NOT to continue the practice. Instead, we will drop down to pick up our bread, put out our chairs, and join you to schmooze, share a little wine, and visit in the relative safety of the spacious outdoor setting.

We have tidied up the wine shop entrance area to accommodate very limited Saturday afternoon outdoor wine tasting appointments for groups of up to four people at a table. There will be the usual tasting fee of $5 for members, $10 for non-members. Social distancing rules will be observed, hand sanitizer will be provided, and masks are encouraged.

The current plan is for two sittings per Saturday, at 3:00 and 4:30. Our goal is to have little or no overlap between parties, and adequate social distancing both between and within the separate parties. Any group that chooses to share a table takes responsibility for appropriate distancing among its members.

Obviously seating is very limited; call number next to our logo (above, right) to make a reservation!


Ordering Wine Online

We have been enjoying filling your phone and email wine orders since the Shutdown began in March, and are planning to continue that practice until we can reopen safely. For the many of us of a Certain Age, that probably won’t happen until there is an effective vaccine.

You can order wine for pickup here at the wine shop or at Friday Bread Pickup at the ferry parking lot.  Just click on the “Order Wine” heading at the top of this page for a partial list of our current offerings.

When you have made selections, you can submit an order as follows:

It’s that Simple!



Art Will Save You

Last fall,when the world seemed normal and maybe even a little hopeful, our artist for Studio Tour was Kim Obbink, with her beautiful water colors of plants and sea creatures. A few weeks later when she took down the show, she gave us a handful of  cards that just said “ART WILL SAVE YOU,” without saying much about them. We have had some in the wine shop and one on our refrigerator in the house since then. They seemed a little mysterious, but having spent twenty years or so as a potter, it had some resonance. You can find out more at the website of the same name.

When I noticed one of the cards this week in the wine shop, it reminded me of how much I enjoyed watching the conversation between Governor Inslee and Paul Simon on Zoom last week. The card reminded me of how insightful I found Paul Simon’s ability to tie art and music to the deeper truths that keep us sane in difficult times. He spoke of how unifying it has been for him to play music with people of widely varying cultural backgrounds from all over the world.

Art and music seem to be some kind of common denominator that all people share, a language of feeling that can express realities and common human experiences that cannot really be expressed in any verbal language. When we paint, we only paint. When we sing, we only sing. No language to trap the mind. It brings a certain freedom that is its own kind of salvation. Take time to make, write, build, paint, craft, sing, sew, doodle, or play something, however simple. It’s a crazy time, and Art may be the mercy that will keep you centered.


Mar a Lago Update: 108 Days Till Next Election

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock. The referee waves his (or her) arm…the clock is ticking. And it sounds Ominous.

We now approach a National election that could either restore or extinguish our National commitment to the values of Liberty and Justice for All that we Old-timers were nurtured in and willingly committed ourselves to as children in the Fifties. Today’s news included discussion of how the Republican Party has increasingly morphed toward pandering entirely to the Tweetster’s simplistic Populist Messaging.

We saw in the words and behaviors of Republican members of Congress during the Impeachment hearings last Fall a preference for mock outrage over Reason. All of their little speeches were clones of each other, aimed mockingly, angrily, and emptily against the truths and values we were trained to hold dear.

Over the last few months we have seen a continuing practice among Republican Senators, Representatives, and Governors to tell outright lies in support of their Party’s President with full knowledge that he has, in the most profound sense Star Trek’s Lt. Worf could imply, “They have NO Honor!”

At present there is considerable speculation as to whom Joe Biden will select as his running mate. Over the past couple of weeks we have seen several interviews with former UN Ambassador and National Security Advisor Susan Rice, very much formatted as public vetting for the job. With all of the Dark Forces that seem to be gathering before us, not unlike something from Tolkien, she has presented herself as intelligent, poised, experienced, and competent, and we are happy to provide her with the full endorsement of our tiny wine shop on our tiny island our here in Northern Ecotopia!


















Wine Tasting

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