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New: Saturday Wine Tastings By Appointment

We have tidied up the wine shop entrance area to accommodate limited Saturday afternoon outdoor wine tasting appointments for two parties of up to four people each. Last Saturday we had three groups at intervals through the afternoon, and it worked very well for both our guests and us. This week we are accepting reservations for two groups of four people, the first at 2:30 and the second at 4:00. Tasting fee is $5 for a flight of four wines. Social distancing rules will be observed, and hand sanitizer will be provided. See guidelines below.

Two weeks ago we had a trial  run of an outdoor tasting for four on the front deck of the wine shop. We learned a lot, and had a good time in the process– it was good to be back!

As shown at left, our local sales rep you all recognize continues to keep us stocked up with tasty wines at attractive prices. See offer below for one we tasted just today (Thursday).

There are Three Rules for Tastings:
1. Everyone must wear a mask whenever they are not seated;
2. Groups sharing a table must be a “pod” like a family or close friends that regularly share space together or otherwise take responsibility for managing social distance within their group; and
3. Everyone agrees not to arrive before their appointment begins and to leave before it ends.

Obviously seating is very limited; call number next to our logo (above, right)  or email us at to make a reservation.


Ordering Wine Online

We are grateful for the continuing support of your phone and email wine orders while the Shutdown continues. We think we have put together a worthy selection of better-than-average-for-the-price wines to suit the demands of this stressful time.

You can order wine for pickup here at the wine shop or at Friday Bread Pickup at the ferry parking lot. Just click on the “Order Wine” heading at the top of this page for a partial list of our current offerings.

When you have made selections, you can submit an order as follows:

It’s that Simple!



Attention Shoppers!

We are happy to offer our Faithful a limited-time opportunity to order a very tasty Spanish blend of garnacha and carinena (grenache/carignan packed in a wooden case for $96 (that’s right, $8.00 per bottle!). The wine is from Castillo de Monseran with these tasting notes:

An easy drinking, fruit-driven wine. Herbal overtones on the nose, bursting with ripe berry and plum fruit typical of Garnacha. Soft and round on the palate with gentle, well-integrated tannins making it suitable to be enjoyed while young. Lingering red fruit on the finish.

Folks, this is a great deal! In full disclosure we admit a certain bias toward any blend that includes carignan (aka carinena in Spain). If you like red blends with big  fruit flavors and a soft texture you will find this a great value. Let us know asap if you want some; minimum orders six bottles.




Mar a Lago Update: The Existential Fear of Chaos

Most of the polls are now showing Joe Biden leading by 10 or 15 points in polling surveys. It should be comforting, but it isn’t. And the main reason it is not comforting is that the last four years have taught us that Facts– you know, the observable and verifiable measures of Reality Itself– have been rendered largely obsolete by the Cognitive Quicksand of the New Republicanism. Examples include the 20,000 (Twenty Thousand) documented Public Lies told by the Tweetster in Chief since taking office; every single thing ever uttered by Senate Majority Leader McScoundrel; the shameful, adolescent whining of the Republicans on the House Impeachment Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee, dedicated Authoritarian AG Barr, and many, many more.

At every turn leading Congressional Republicans have supported every action of the Fake President to destroy the global climate and Life that depends on it, to destroy the prestige and power of the United States around the world, and to continually  put a heel to the poor to favor the rich in their legislative agenda. And by the way, during these last four years they have turned their backs completely on the historic Republican “values” of strong alliances, strong military, and balanced budgets.

We have discussed over recent months the many parallels between the messaging of the Republican Party and the deliberate, ongoing, crazy-making destruction of facts under Hitler, Stalin, Franco, Mao, and many more as described in On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder. These are precisely the same tactics. Right-wing network giants like Fox and the associated array of religious radio stations use to advocate and amplify the same politics. It is appropriate to fear these forces. These are powerful people with no sentimental attachment to the Constitution or other noble values.

Our deep-seated Fear is that the Right has split so far from the founding values of our nation that they no longer have any will to support them. On the contrary, the indications are everywhere that they now see their role as to start a rebellion against those values, ultimately perhaps to strip away much of the Bill of Rights in the process. They have gone this far, our Unconscious tells us, without apology or ethical concern. And it is logical to fear that no set of rules will keep them from playing every dirty trick in the book to win.

As economist Joan Robinson put it many years ago: Every economic system requires a set of values, a set of rules, and a will in the people to carry them out.

If the values are not universally shared, the system is in Big Trouble.  No wonder we are uneasy…


Wine Tasting

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