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New: Saturday Outdoor Wine Tastings By Appointment!

We have tidied up the wine shop entrance area to accommodate limited Saturday afternoon outdoor wine tasting appointments for two parties of up to four people each. To minimize overlap between groups we are scheduling the first group for 2:30 and the second at 4:00. Tasting fee is $5 each for a flight of four wines. Social distancing rules will be observed, and hand sanitizer will be provided. See guidelines below.

Social Distancing Rules:

1. Everyone must wear a mask whenever they are not seated;
2. Groups sharing a table must be a “pod” like a family or close friends that regularly share space together or otherwise take responsibility for managing social distance within their group; and
3. Everyone agrees not to arrive before their appointment begins and to leave before it ends.

Obviously seating is very limited; call number next to our logo (above, right) or email us at to make a reservation.


Ordering Wine Online

We are grateful for the continuing support of your phone and email wine orders while the Shutdown continues. We think we have put together a worthy selection of better-than-average-for-the-price wines to suit the demands of this stressful time.

Wine orders can be picked up here at the wine shop by arrangement, or at Friday Bread Pickup at the ferry parking lot. Just click on the “Order Wine” heading at the top of this page for a partial list of our current offerings.

When you have made selections, you can submit an order as follows:

It’s that Simple!



Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier

Over the past few months we have brought in a couple of very tasty and very inexpensive chenin blancs from South Africa that have sold out quickly. (Btw, we just restocked the MAN chenin blanc, so plenty on hand! ) This weekend we will probably be pouring a chenin blanc/viognier blend from Napa Valley’s Pine Ridge winery. Here are the winemaker’s notes:

Crisp, bright, and vivacious, CB+V 2019 is an aromatic white blend boasting a bouquet of honeysuckle, orange blossoms, ruby grapefruit, white peach, and jasmine tea. The entry is both bright and mouthfilling exhibiting refreshing acidity and roundness, opening to flavors of tangerine, lime, and lemon curd, lemongrass, ginger, white peach, and green apple. This delicious wine finishes clean and long with a lingering hint of lime.

We find on the nose an dominant aroma of used whiskey barrel floating over the fruit, an unusual characteristic in any wine, particularly a white wine. It has crisp, lemony-grapefruit acidity and a lingering aftertaste of whisky barrel with a touch of, hmm, let’s see…orange creamsicle…? All in all it seems to be going in two flavor directions at once and both remain distinct. Very unusual…hmm…maybe one more taste will sort it out…!


Mar a Lago Update: Darwinian Economics

Both law and environmental economics are largely concerned with the murky intersection between individual rights and social responsibilities, sometimes referred to as the tension between “property rights” and “amenity rights.” Both recognize the need  for a definable balance between the two. One current local example involves a conflict between a fellow in our county who has claimed for some eight years the right to have a motocross course on his Private Property while his neighbors claim their own right not to have to bear the substantial nuisance of the noise that spills widely across a large area. (case for; case against)

The legal thinking around these kinds of conflicts has generally taken a page from King Solomon in that as each conflict arises, a court determines who gets what shares of the baby. Over the course of human history the same battles over the limits of the right to hurt others have been fought over and over to the point where there is now a fairly well-formed general consensus in law that property rights, like punches, are constrained by liabilities for the disamenities imposed on others.

Indeed it is widely accepted in law that willfully causing another person physical harm or life endangerment is subject to both legal and civil penalties. These principles are such commonplace elements in our social and legal fabric that is impossible to grasp wtf is going in the “minds” of those in the Tweetster Base who militantly insist they have the Right Not To Wear a Mask regardless of the harm they do by spreading the disease. Indeed, there have already been several senseless deaths, including two fatal murders ( a security guard in Flint, Michigan and the victim of a security guard in Southern California) as well as a police killing of a man involved in a different confrontation in Michigan. It’s insane.

To a large degree the Tweetster has deliberately undermined all attempts by public health officials to encourage the universal use of face masks in public spaces. His ambivalence since the beginning of the Covid epidemic has led some millions of his base supporters to join him in ridiculing social distancing and refusing to wear face masks in public. Any normal human being in his position would have immediately grasped the gravity of the Covid threat, mobilized and led an appropriate set of damage control measures, and minimized damages. A recent study from a credible Rhode Island research group suggests that if appropriate policies had been deployed by mid-February, over a hundred thousand American lives could have been saved.

Think about that for a minute. And then think about the many other hardships these idiots have brought us with their arrogant incompetence. Politicizing the wearing of protective face masks could conceivably wind up costing Republican Covid Denier Louie Gohmert his life, but he still insisted on talking to his staff about it in person, and claims he will begin taking hydroxychloroquine, presumably because he believes whatever the Tweetster says about anything.

Which brings us to the Darwin awards, a mock honor reserved for people who are killed and removed from the gene pool as a result of Fatally Stupid Decisions. Will their refusal to wear masks reduce their numbers enough to improve the average intelligence of the surviving gene pool? Or will it wreak such havoc that no one at all survives? Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion! Read more


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