lummi island wine tasting June 7-8 ’24

Drydock Hours  June 7-8

Now three weeks into drydock routine. No trips to town last week, only one this week.Enjoying the quiet, with no trips to town this week, and none scheduled for next week. All in all, it has been pretty hassle-free, and only a few days of nasty weather. This is the latest spring drydock period we can remember. Most often DD has been two or three weeks right after Labor Day, and when in Spring generally late April-early May, which tends to be wetter and windier. The quiet this time has been restful and calming. Ahhhh

We will remain OPEN for wine tasting and sales as usual through June.

     Fridays  4-6 pm     Saturdays 3-5 pm

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Friday Bread This Week

Whole Wheat Levain – Begins with a sourdouinal mixing of the dough- which is then fermented overnight in the refrigerator. This long slow process allows the fermentation process to start and the gluten to start developing. About 25% fresh milled whole wheat, a ‘toothy’ crumb, great texture and flavor and a nice crisp crust.  – $5/loaf

Semolina Levain – Semolina is made from durum wheat, which is a hard wheat and often used in pasta. The flour has a lovely golden color that comes through in the bread. Uses a sourdough starter/levain that ferments overnight before mixing the final dough with bread flour, semolina and fresh milled whole wheat and little butter for a soft crumb. Makes great toast! – $5/loaf

and pastry this week…

Chocolate Croissants! – The traditional laminated french pastry made with sourdough and another pre-ferment to create the traditional honeycomb interior, rolled out and shaped with delicious dark chocolate in the center.  – 2/$5

Island Bakery has developed a rotation cycle of several dozen breads and pastries. Each Sunday Janice emails the week’s bread offering to her mailing list. Orders received before 5 pm Tuesday  will be available for pickup at the wine shop each Friday from 4:00 – 5:30 pm. Go to Contact us to get on the bread email list at least a week before visiting!


This week’s wine tasting

Bodega Garzon Albarino Riserva ’22        Uruguay        $18
Left on fine lees in stainless-steel tanks for 3 to 6 months, developing fruity aromas of peach and citrus, fresh minerality, marked acidity, and a long and rounded finish.

Marietta Old Vine Red    ’22     California    $16
Zinfandel-based red blend from Geyserville with lovely bright plum fruit, dark and focused notes of briar and black tea, a perfect balance of big flavor and vibrant sophistication, with medium body, mouth of sweet spice and velvety tannins to pair with almost any meal or occasion.

Sineann Abondante Red  ’22      Washington       $20
A blend of 1% cab sauv, 46% zinfandel, & 53% merlot from top vineyards in the Columbia Valley in 2022.  Bright, smooth, fresh, and nuanced flavors unfold and interact softly across the palate like the ever-changing nuances of some captivating Aurora Borealis of flavor.



Mar a Lago Update: The War for Everything Heats Up

In the week since the Tweester was convicted by a New York jury, cyberspace has been exploding with right-wing lying, shouting, fist-pounding, accusations, eye-rolling, finger-pointing, and most important of all in these trying times, non-stop fund-raising. And lots of lying!

In theory the funds are wanted to help elect Republicans to Congress so they can gain full control of House, Senate, and White House. But since the RNC has now been completely taken over by the Maga puppeteers, the vast majority of funds raised by Republicans will be spent trying to get the Tweetster back in office, starting with 24/7 lying in right-wing radio, TV, and social media.

The broader move toward some version of corporate-controlled autocracy has been under construction since the New Deal nearly 100 years ago. But the groundwork for where we are now began with the Heritage Foundation and other right wing think tanks beginning in the 70’s. Little by little the rights, freedoms, opportunities, and voices of individual people have been eclipsed by the burgeoning corporate state by linking political control at the highest levels of government with the corporate control of finance and production and the systematic global failure to make the global economy environmentally responsible.

Republicans have successfully changed the rules across the country enough to win the White House three times without winning the popular vote. And for the 2016 election, in the Tweetster they found their perfect candidate: a man with no allegiance to anyone or anything, an insatiable need to be constantly in the public eye, headlining in every day’s news across the entire planet with his latest rants, boasts, insults, and outrages, a man with no ethics, no scruples, no conscience: perfect for their needs. 

It is of considerable comfort to have had the Tweetster found guilty of felony-level crimes. But news for the past week has seen a constant barrage of right-wing claims the trial was rigged by Democrats despite the Tweetster’s army of lawyers and high-placed judges successfully postponing his pending trials. (Sometime this month the Supremes will probably agree he is immune for prosecution on some newly hatched technical point) Numerous participants in the 2021 coup efforts are in jail, and more still face trials. But the process has been agonizingly slow.

The very recent vote in the Senate forced Republican Senators to say publicly if they endorsed pending state laws making both physical and drug-induced abortion illegal and also making contraception itself imprisonable. These laws are strongly opposed by considerable majorities of women voters and will hopefully be a boon to Democratic candidates in Red states in November.

Bottom line for today: lots of reasons to be pessimistic, but lots of possibilities for guarded optimism, too.

This must be something like the feeling ordinary citizens had in Germany when Hitler was rising.

In trying times like this, one thing is for sure: tasting some great wines with friends and neighbors will take some of the edge off. Join us for wine tasting this weekend!
























Wine Tasting

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