lummi island wine tasting may 19, ’23

PLEASE NOTE: The wine shop will be closed during ferry drydock. We will again be open for wine tasting next Friday, May 26.

However… Friday bread pickup will continue from 4-5:30 pm, and “emergency” wine purchases can be arranged with Janice at those times. We regret any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you after drydock!


Friday Bread Pickup This Week

Whole Wheat Levain – Made with a sourdough starter that is built up over several days before a levain is made and fermented overnight in the refrigerator. This long slow process allows the fermentation process to start and the gluten to start developing; it has a ‘toothy’ crumb, great texture and flavor and a nice crisp crust.  – $5/loaf

Semolina w/ Fennel & Raisins – A levain bread made with bread flour, semolina and some fresh milled whole wheat. A little butter for a tender crumb and fennel seeds and golden raisins round out the flavors that go really well with meats and cheese – $5/loaf

and pastry this week…

Brioche Suisse- A rich brioche dough made with plenty of butter, eggs and sugar, rolled out and spread with pastry cream before sprinkling with dark chocolate. The dough is folded over all that delicious filling and cut into individual pieces. –2/$5

To get on the bread order list, click on the “Contact Us” link above and fill out the form. Each week’s bread menu is sent to the list each Sunday, for ordering by Tuesday, for pickup on Friday. Simple, right..? If you will be visiting the island and would like to order bread for your visit, at least a week’s notice is recommended for pickup the following Friday.


Bandon House Sparrow

There are a handful of Oregon and Washington State Parks that we particularly enjoy and revisit often. One of them is Bullard’s Beach just north of Bandon, Oregon. It occupies a “sweet spot” on the Oregon Coast where the weather starts feeling a bit more like California– a little warmer, a little softer, a little more sunshine.

Like Sequim on Washington’s Strait of Juan de Fuca, it seems to occupy a pleasant little climate bubble of sunny warmth. It also has some marine fishing, and possibly the best fish tacos on the planet at the Bandon Fish Market right on the waterfront:  no frills, just delicious, fresh, simple fish n chips, fish tacos, and chowdah (as we call it it Maine).

On this visit we sat outside in the sun with a cool breeze, and this little bird flew in and sat next to us for a while. It turns out to be a house sparrow, more common in Europe and Britain than America, but common in populated areas everywhere, though I don’ recall having noticed this color pattern before. This particular bird didn’t seem in a hurry to go anywhere, and seemed to be on its own, good company while we enjoyed these “fish tacos,” more like tortilla-wrapped fish burritos!


Homeward Bound

At the moment we are settled in at Bayview State Park, within sight of Lummi Island. (it’s the little mountain to the left of Ulee’s leash). As usual, this is being written Thursday evening; tomorrow we move to another site about 20′ away for Friday night, and were planning to return to Lummi Island on Saturday when the ferry was expected to return from annual drydock maintenance.

We learned earlier today that that won’t happen until Sunday morning, so we are casting about for Saturday night here or somewhere else nearby. This is a bit of a squeeze, because one of the social psychological outcomes from three years of Covid was a massive increase in the popularity of RV’ing, with the result that between April and October every State, local, and county park that offers camping has been booked solid for months, and there are far more people looking for parking and hookups each night than there are spaces available. And Saturdays are the worst!

So we have our feelers out for a Saturday night spot, and are looking forward to getting home on Sunday!



Wine Tasting

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