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Hours this weekend:

robin fledgling’s first landing

We’re back!

The wine shop will be open for sales and tastings: Friday, May 26, from 4-6pm.







Friday Bread Pickup This Week

Black Pepper Walnut- Made with a nice mix of bread flour, fresh milled whole wheat and rye. A fair amount of black pepper and toasted walnuts give this bread great flavor with a distinct peppery bite. Excellent paired with all sorts of meats and cheese…and wine, of course! – $5/loaf

Four Seed Buttermilk – This bread includes all the elements of whole wheat, but does so separately by adding cracked wheat and bran in to the bread flour instead of milling whole wheat berries. It also has buttermilk and oil which will make for a tender bread as well as adding a little tang. Finally it is finished with with a bit of honey and sunflower pumpkin and sesame seeds and some toasted millet – $5/loaf

and pastry this week…

Kyoto Black Sesame & Candied Lemon Brioche — A delicious brioche dough full of eggs, butter and sugar. Filled with fresh lemon zest and candied lemon and as if that weren’t enough, topped with a black sesame streusel before baking. Ooh la la, what’s not to like?!  –2/$5

To get on the bread order list, click on the “Contact Us” link above and fill out the form. Each week’s bread menu is sent to the list each Sunday, for ordering by Tuesday, for pickup on Friday. Simple, right..? If you will be visiting the island and would like to order bread for your visit, at least a week’s notice is recommended for pickup the following Friday.


This week’s wine tasting

Maryhill Winemaker’s White ’19     Washington      $14
Sauv blanc, viognier, semillon, albarino, pinot gris; careful early morning harvest, slow press cycle, limited oak, and blended to keep each varietal’s profile in both aromas and flavors– a complex, versatile, and tasty white blend!

La Quercia Montepulciano d’Abruzzo  Riserva  ’17     Italy      $19
From 50-yr-old vines; rich, full-bodied and rustic in expression, with rich notes of cocoa, rhubarb, blackberry, and herbs; long, lingering finish of juicy black cherry, with a silky/velvety mouthfeel.

Eola Hills Barrel Select Reserve Pinot Noir  ’19    Oregon    $27
From best barrels from the 2019 harvest; classic, Burgundian-style pinot, with nose of fresh raspberries, earth, wet autumn leaves, and a silky palate of cherry and strawberry with a lingering cranberry tartness on the finish. 


Economics of the Heart: Rules and Values


Civilization is a complex business that depends on some combination of broad consensus about the rules, who makes them, and a will to follow them. All manner of organizational structures have come and gone in human history. Our hunch for a long time has been  that the default form of human economic organization is to revert to some form of feudalism when resources become scarce, or power and wealth get concentrated into too few hands, and the masses are relegated to perpetual serfdom, scratching the earth like chickens for meager nourishment, and even the Overseers are still slaves.

We have long thought of the Reagan 80’s as The Decade of the Bottom Line, when Republicans finally got to declare open war on the New Deal, made lots of people think Government was the real Bad Guy, and preached the mantra that making the rich even richer was the tide that would raise all ships. Under the auspices of unleashing the goodies in the Big Pinata of free market competition to the masses, taxes (you know, how the public sector must pay for everything) were slashed on the wealthy and corporations while spending was cut on the poor, the hungry, the sick, the insane, and the helpless. By the end of the decade the FCC had declared Open Season for “alternative facts” and the airways filled with 24/7 liberal- bashing on radio and TV. 

The 90’s (the Decade of Vapid Pragmatism) opened the floodgates of Rush Limbaugh’s ‘always angry all the time’ talk radio and countless imitators all trying to out-outrage each other. That constant barrage of hyperbolic lies  became Fox News, Newt Gingrich, and 24/7 rural AM radio. The mentality was perfectly illustrated when one local Whatcom County State legislator declared on the State House floor that there should be no Spanish-speaking classes in Washington schools, because (I am not making this up): “if English was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me!” 

The 00’s (the aughts…?) ushered in more tax cuts for the wealthy in both 2001 and 2005 (“It’s Our Due,” as VP Darth Cheney put it), concentrating wealth into even fewer hands while invading two countries and starting wars that lasted for the next twenty years and caused the 2008 recession. It is hard to know whether the Ambient Hypocrisy in our society and the News we see, hear, and read are the causes or the symptoms (or both) of the debilitating polarization we see all around us– or whether these are all effects of deliberate information manipulation by unknown players in an escalating global Cyber War.

Either way, somehow we have to find our way back to a set of common values and goals even while deliberate forces do their best to sabotage them for their own reasons. Scary stuff.


Wine Tasting

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