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Friday Breads (contact us to get on the pre-order list!)

dscn1364 (Modified)Seeded Country Hearth – a nice rustic bread made with a blend of bread flour and fresh milled whole wheat and then loaded up with toasted hazelnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. A great flavorful artisan bread – $5/loaf.

Buckwheat Walnut & Honey – yes another buckwheat bread. with a great earthiness from the buckwheat flour. This has a little less buckwheat than the last few breads I have done so it isn’t as dense, but it is still plenty flavorful. Toasted walnuts for texture and crunch and some honey for sweetness. A great bread for smoked salmon or cheese – $5/loaf.

Hamburger Buns – made with a blend of bread flour and freshly milled white whole wheat (so no one knows its in there), enriched with milk, butter and just a bit of sugar for a soft and flavorful bun, then topped with onions. These are always popular and I can only make a limited number so get your order in early – 4/$5.




Featured Artist

DSCN1495 (Modified (2))Our neighbor Anne Gibert is again our featured artist for Studio Tour. This show continues her ongoing theme of large canvases and bright light, this time focusing particularly on animals. Last year her showing of “Portraits of Lummi Island Women” drew lots of interest from the community. If the same logic applies, this year we should have visits from Island buffalo, cats, chickens, and foxes.

DSCN1494 (Modified) Also, please note that our usual Friday night Bread Madness will be expanded as an Opening Reception for the new show. Anne will be there to talk with you about the new work, and munchies will be provided in addition to the usual Friday Bread Tasting. Sorry, you still have to pay for your tasting…but since most of you who come on Fridays are Club Members anyway, it will still only cost you, you know…Chicken Feed!







Nana Bear and One Day Old Seriozha

baby bear day 2As we mentioned last week, we planned to be in Sonoma for the birth of our one and only grandson. As it turned out, we had quite an uneventful week except for a lot of pretty good food and wine and mostly very nice weather (except the first couple of days when it got into the 90’s…!). But it wasn’t until early Tuesday morning– the day of my flight home– that we were awakened about dawn with the Birth Alarm.

By 7am we had taken Mama Bear to the well-organized Santa Rosa Hospital for delivery. Not much happened before I had to catch the plane to Seattle in mid-afternoon, leaving Pat to play the Nana. Just about the time I got home to Lummi, Seriozha (aka Donald Sergei- — his father’s and maternal grandfather’s first names) had left the womb and is now Here In the World. Pretty Magical how suddenly there is another person in the room, beamed in from Nothingness. Hard to comprehend. Smart as we humans are, we still haven’t figured out how to make Life happen from Scratch. Nope, have to keep using the same old starter recipe from before our most distant ancestors were born.

We toast you, Seriozha— may you live long in a world of Joy, Beauty, Kindness, and Wisdom!


The Don and Bernie Show

Will it happen? Seems unlikely, doesn’t it? But it was a nice touch of the DT (we’re all getting a bad case of the DT’s about now…) to suggest that it be a fundraiser for a Worthy Cause, and it is really hard to picture what such a debate would look like. Astonishingly, the DT has won the Republican nomination without ever uttering a single Fact or Policy, only Slogans and Put-Downs. He has not demonstrated advocacy “for” anything outside his own Media Image, while at the same time he has shown that he is against  women, minorities, and Diplomacy As We Know It– all in the Vague Interest of “Making America Great Again.” Whatever that means.

The real question is what in the world  would a Debate between Trump and an Opponent Champion actually look like? He has become the Republican Nominee over a many-months-long competitive “debate” process with a host of competing candidates, a dozen and a half Angels dancing on the Head of some Virtual Pin, vying to make their so-called Issues Relevant. And somehow from that process Trump has emerged as the Hope of the Right-Wing Sneetches, despite the fact that No One Actually Believes that he has any of the skills actually necessary to, you know, Run the World.

For more on this idea, check out this interesting interview from NPR today, in which a demography scholar points out that only about ten percent of eligible voters participate in primaries, and only about 10% of those actually have factual, rational reasons for voting as they do. Mostly Americans don’t pay a lot of attention to elections; the Presidential election of 2008 elicited a voter turnout of 57% of the eligible voter base, the highest turnout since 1968. The argument is that people generally have a laundry list of issues they are at least somewhat interested in, but when they latch onto a candidate they don’t look deeply. Rather, they hear something they like about a candidate and then just assume that candidate shares all of their beliefs and goals.


This week’s wine tasting

Anne Amie Amrita White ’14    Oregon    $14
Palate-tickling blend of pinot blanc, viognier, and riesling; aromas of quince, Rainier cherry, and lemon; palate of strawberry, raspberry, and nectarine; good match for Asian spices.

Villa des Anges Rosé ’14   France    $10
Spicy and focused on the nose, showing fresh citrus and red berry and a hint of white pepper. Dry and nervy on the palate, with refreshing bitter cherry and berry skin flavors.

Borsao Garnacha ’13    Spain $9
Expressive aromas of blackberry, licorice and and fruitcake aromas; Juicy, spicy and supple, sweet, red and dark berry flavors; finishes fresh, focused and nicely persistent.

Septima Malbec ’13     Argentina   $9
Musky, ripe aromas of currants, leather, chocolate and espresso. Supple and generous flavors of  sweet currant and tobacco flavors with a note of pepper, soft tannins and good length.

Vignalta Colli Euganei Rosso Riserva ’09   Italy   $21
Merlot and cabernet sauvignon from volcanic hills north of Venice. Rosso Riserva is a true and delicious expression of its terroir, nice balancing of fruit and tannins, softened with two years of oak barrel aging.

Wine Tasting

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