lummi island wine tasting may 31- jun 1 ’24

Drydock Hours May 31-June 1

Now almost halfway through drydock and passenger-only ferry, and enjoying the quiet, with no trips to town this week. Ahhhh…

We will remain OPEN for wine tasting and sales as usual through drydock.

     Fridays  4-6 pm     Saturdays 3-5 pm

drydock passenger ferry “Salish Sea”












This week’s wine tasting

Domaine Chibaou Sauvignon Blanc ’22       France     $19
no notes available

Can Blau Can Blau ’20     Spain     $16
From the lovely Montsant wine region an hour SW of Barcelona, this long-time favorite calms the soul with a romas and flavors of cocoa bean, ripe dark fruits and berries, a seamless texture, and long, silky finish that improves with aeration.

Jacob Williams Barbera  ’22        Washington    $34
Medium body; juicy red fruit up front opens to a savory and herbal midpalate and earthy finish. Enjoyable now, but sure to evolve into an even more comforting sipper as it matures.


Friday Bread This Week (reminder: bread pickup is Saturday this week!)

Heidebrot – Translated as “bread of the heath,” after a region in central Germany known for fields of red heather. This is a farmhouse bread from an aromatic, lighter sourdough made with whole grain rye. a rye-fed sourdough starter, fresh milled whole grain rye flour, and regular bread flour as well – $5/loaf

Sweet Corn & Dried Cranberry– Made with polenta and bread flour, then enriched with milk, butter and honey for a soft and tender crumb and loaded up with dried cranberries for great corn flavor… A delicious bread that makes great toast!–   $5/loaf

and pastry this week…

Muffins! – FOUR to an order for $5, with two flavors of two different muffins, i.e. four muffins per order! Each order comes with TWO Almond Poppy Seed and TWO Chocolate Chip muffins.

Island Bakery has developed a rotation cycle of several dozen breads and pastries. Each Sunday Janice emails the week’s bread offering to her mailing list. Orders received before 5 pm Tuesday  will be available for pickup at the wine shop each Friday from 4:00 – 5:30 pm. Go to Contact us to get on the bread email list.


Mar a Lago Update: Tweetster at the Crossroads

Until about 2 pm today, given all the accountability that the Tweetster has NOT had to face for as long as anyone can remember, we feared the odds of his ever being held accountable for anything in any court anywhere were close to zero.

So we are deeply relieved to have been wrong about that, as the jury in the NY election interference just delivered a “guilty on all counts” verdict. This is a welcome and important victory for our Constitution and the America we grew up in. Still… it so surprising it will take a long time to sink in!

We hope it means that, as the ancient haiku claims, “To judge the direction of the wind, it is enough to see a single blade of grass…”

This likely throws at least a small wrench into the well-underway, highly organized, and extremely well-funded Fascist takeover of our country, as outlined in great detail in the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025.  They are now out in the open about their efforts to re-install the Tweetster in the Oval Office as their wholly-owned PINO (‘President in Name Only’), to be their wholly controlled Dictator Puppet who distracts on stage while they eliminate all those cushy civil service jobs, social security, environmental protection…the list goes on and on and on. These are the capitalists Marx predicted would take all the profits from production and keep workers at bare subsistence living while they reserved wealth for their elite few.

So let’s keep in mind that this little victory is a troublesome inconvenience for Heritage and its Fascist enablers. After all, they have a lot invested in creating Maga for their own purposes, and changing candidates at this late date will now be an electoral challenge as well as a financial inconvenience. You can bet they have an array of backup plans, and recent history demonstrates clearly that there is no shortage of wannabe dictators in today’s GOP ranks who will say and do Anything to gain power. Curiously, none of them has the Tweetster’s complete lack of empathy for anyone or anything that drives the Maga Faithful to his service.

In any case, today’s events provide a long-overdue opportunity for us all to exhale for a few breaths between rounds. Please stop by this weekend to celebrate this collective victory for our Constitution and the society it has made possible for nearly 250 years.






















Wine Tasting

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