Wine Tasting Lummi Island Artists’ Studio Tour May 28-29 ’11

Here it is, another Lummi Island Artists’ Studio Tour, so we will be open both Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 6pm. In the “entry gallery” we will be continuing our showing of photos of the Doors of Lyon by Mary Beth Watkins. In the main gallery we will be showing “Constructions” by Ryan Wildstar (who is also leading our current series of Sunday afternoon wine tastings –see below). I think you will enjoy both artists’ work, which will be on display through June.

Last Saturday was Out of Control busy, you’d think it was Studio Tour, WOW!  We had a couple of big Waves of visitors, lots of new faces, and lots of conversation. It’s interesting that it does get LOUD sometimes in this little space, and when it does it kind of happens all at once. At somewhere between six and ten visitors there is a quantum leap in the noise level. Like electrons jumping to higher energy levels, the decibel level does not increase gradually, but rather jumps quite suddenly from “normal conversation” to “WHAT DID YOU SAY…??? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

My working theory is that there is some background noise level below which ordinary conversational tone works just fine. But once the noise exceeds that level, everyone unconsciously realizes it more or less at once, and compensates by talking louder. We are weird like that; for example, I have often seen people trying to explain something to children, or the elderly (OMG, is that ME?), or foreign-language-speaking people, and the natural tendency seems to be that if your idea doesn’t seem to be getting across, then you quite unconsciously start talking LOUDER, as if somehow that will make you understood. In the case of the wine shop, it’s as if one person starts talking louder, and then someone else, and so on, and within a minute or two everyone is struggling to hear and be heard.

I’ve often had similar thoughts about traffic slowdowns. We have all had the experience of driving along at highway speed and running into traffic backup that might crawl, start, and stop for miles before, for some not-at-all obvious reason, traffic returns to a normal speed. Sometimes there is a “cause” like an accident blocking traffic. Sometimes there is something innocuous like a car stopped in the breakdown lane, but often there is no obvious reason, as if maybe suddenly a few hundred cars got Raptured into Oblivion, and the lanes just magically open up. It’s a Mystery, that’s all I’m saying.

Last Sunday was our the first in our series of wine workshops with Ryan Wildstar, and it was GREAT! We had a full house, learned a lot, tasted some delicious wines, and had a great time! The next workshop is weekend after next, Sunday, June 5th, at 2pm:

A Nose is a Nose is a Nose Component Tasting, Sunday, June 5th, 2-4pm  $20 (filling quickly, register now!

A look at how wine and wine-making is influenced by terroir (soil composition) and typicity (the degree to which a wine reflects its varietal origins). To enhance the experience, we will assess a variety of wines side-by-side with an assortment of herbs, spices, rock composites, fruits, etc. that exemplify the components often reflected in the nose and on the palate. We will also talk about the basics of Biodynamic and Organic wine-making. Enjoyed with: 3 Whites & 3 Reds of different varietals from various wine regions. Suprise pairings with each wine.

All of last week’s wines were dressed for success and showing well. The Shaya verdejo is a little oasis on a hot afternoon (I am imagining that, cuz, you know, we haven’t had a hot afternoon for a really long time), smooth and citric. The La Quercia aglianico was probably the WOTD for rave reviews, and the Sorenson malbec has evolved to the point where it was some folks’ favorite. But then again, the Urban Ribera tempranillo was still a cut above the others for finesse. All in all, it was a good day for wine!

Ian and Mom

This weekend’s tasting: Five Wines! (Might vary Saturday to Sunday…)

Peirano “The Other” White ‘07    California     $10
Aromas of apples, pears, & tropical fruit, with hints of coconut and vanilla. Lush flavors of fresh ripe pears, apples, tropical fruit and homemade lemon pie lead to a long, seductive, finish. A fantastic buy!

Chateau Donjon Rose ‘09 France $10
Blend of syrah, cinsault, grenache, another element in my fascination with Minervois. Fruity, with berry, melon and red cherry flavors that are bright and refreshing, with mineral and spice on the finish…”Summer in a glass!”

Black Oak Pinot Noir  ‘09    Italy    $7
Pleasant, red-fruited red with a soft and smooth palate, a terrific buy…no kidding, a pinot from Italy, and and amazing bargain, too!

ALTOS Bonarda Colonia Las Liebres 08   Argentina       $8
Shows nice dark, juicy plum, licorice and spice notes with a fleshy, open-knit finish–very easy to drink, and quite possibly the best wine bargain we have ever carried, a delicious wine that seriously over-delivers!

Bodegas Graffigna Grand Reserve Malbec ‘08 Argentina   WA90pts  $10
Opaque purple; spice box, incense, lavender, and black fruit aromas on a lasting underlying structure.

Wine Tasting

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