lummi island wine tasting feb 25 ’22

Wine Shop Schedule Update

Based on today’s updated Covid data for Whatcom County, we will remain closed this weekend. However, daily new cases in our area continued to fall last week, with a 43% reduction in hospitalizations, and test positivity rate down to 20% from over 80% two weeks ago. Based on these numbers and forecasts, we are now open for shopping and sales appointments. 

If these trends continue we expect to open for tasting in the next couple of weeks.

We are in the process of restocking our shelves, updating our “order wine” link above, and looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!



Friday Bread This Week

Weekly bread order pickup will continue to be at Island Bakery this week.

If you are on the bread email list, you will have received order and pickup info from Janice. Pickup is in her driveway out on West Shore Rd from 4-5:30, with a fire pit to keep the Usual Suspects (and their dogs) comfy for a bit.

Current expectations are that bread pickup will likely return to the wine shop in some fashion in the next few weeks.

To get on the bread list, click on the “contact us” link above and fill out the form.





Mailing List Issues

Last week the new mailout system sort of worked, again with a full day’s delay. So still a few glitches.

So tonight we will mail the link via gmail, and when the auto feature decides it’s in the mood, you should receive the email version.








Economics of the Heart: War and Entitlement

Parable of the Monk and the Scorpion

Parable of the Monk and the Scorpion, Mattimore Cronin

The Big News across the entire world tonight is the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is hard to imagine that anyone on the planet– even Putin– finds either joy or solace in it. So what kind of economic calculation leads someone to believe such an action will yield benefits that will make it worthwhile? Well, it all depends on the congruency between our principles and what is expedient.

One major drawback of our primate ancestry is the strange combination of having the characteristics of both highly social herd animals on the one hand (paw?) and asocial predators on the other(s) as circumstances evoke in our nervous systems.

Every war begins with some group of males deciding that some other group of males either has or wants to take their group’s Stuff, be it land, or water, food, women, or gods, and decides they must attack them and take Their Stuff first. History is replete with examples: The Sunnis and the Shia, the Catholics and the Protestants, the Christians and the Jews, the Whites and the Blacks, the Hutus and the Tutsis, Us and Them, per omnia secula seculorum.

Most wars are in some way about one group’s sense of entitlement to something some other group controls. In this case it is a bit more perverse, denying a country’s right to an independent existence, and being willing to destroy it completely as punishment. Here’s hoping the Russians have a 25th amendment and a growing willingness to use it. And wishing miracles for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.





Wine Tasting

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